Tips to Prevent Your Car From Getting Stolen

Tips to Prevent Your Car From Getting Stolen

As they say – Prevention is better than cure.

Motor vehicle theft is a common phenomena all across the world. You park your car, go to the nearest market and when you come back there is no car to be found.

According to the official crime statistics released by Punjab Police, the total number of registered car theft cases were around 11,000 and that too in the first two months of 2022.

Even though the rates may be higher in Pakistan, the US is also facing a similar problem. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), there were 837,080 vehicles stolen in the US in 2020. This was a 9.2% increase from 2019. 

Learning how to prevent your car from getting stolen is a lot easier than tracking it down. Using smart keys to unlock cars, switching vehicle identification numbers to avoid detection and what not! Thieves have become increasingly savvy. 

It is a common notion that a vehicle which seems easy to steal appeals more to car thieves. Do you want to make your car less appealing to thieves?

Read this guide as we have mentioned some tips that will help you prevent theft:

1. Lock Your Doors

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is parking their car without locking the doors. They usually do this thinking that they will be back in a few minutes but these few minutes are more than enough for skilled thieves. 


They take advantage of the moment and flee with your car. 

2. Remove Keys From the Vehicle

As suggested by the NICB, do not leave your keys in the ignition. If your keys are in the ignition, it is a perfect chance for a thief to break a window and drive away.


Also make sure that you do not leave a running vehicle unattended as it is a que for thieves to make their move. 

3. Install a Tracking System

 Also known as a vehicle recovery system, a tracking system is a savoir for your vehicle. 


If your car gets stolen, the tracking system installed in your car will use GPS or wireless technology to send a signal to the monitoring service of your vehicle’s location or an app that is connected with it. This will help you track down your vehicle no matter where the thief takes it. 

If you want to buy a car tracking system, there are various options available at OLX Pakistan’s website. 

4. Do Not Leave a Spare Key in Your Car

Many people leave a spare key in their car so that in case they get locked out they won’t face much trouble. But thieves are smart! They know where people prefer to hide their spare keys. 


So, it is suggested that you avoid this practice. 

5. Park Your Car in a Well Lit Area

Another pro tip that we have for you is to park your car in a well lit area. Areas that are poorly lit are hardly seen by anybody which presents a perfect opportunity for thieves to steal your car. 


6. Lock Your Steering Wheel

Whenever you step out of your car, remember to rotate your steering wheel a little.  Whether you do it in the left or right direction, it will lock your steering wheel and will make it impossible for thieves to drive the car.


The steering wheel can only be unlocked when you insert the key in the key slot and rotate the wheel slightly. 

You can also buy a separate anti-theft car lock for this purpose.  

7. Keep the Windows Closed

Keeping windows closed is another tip that will help you prevent your car from getting stolen. If you leave your windows open, thieves can easily unlock the door through it.  They will also have full access to everything that is present in your car. 


8. Install an Audible Alarm System

If your car does not come with an alarm system, make sure you get one installed. An audible alarm system emits a loud noise if someone tries to enter your car when the alarm is on. The attention will make the thief run away and will alert you as well. 


9. Install a Vehicle Immobilizer System

Getting a vehicle immobilizer system installed is another great tip to prevent vehicle theft.


Thieves usually skip the ignition process and start your car through hotwire. If such a situation occurs, the vehicle immobilizer system will activate automatically and will prevent the thief from stealing your vehicle. 

10. Be Aware of Your Surrounding

When you are parking your vehicle, make sure you are aware of the surroundings. If you are unsure about the place you are parking your vehicle at or if you see someone loitering around, it is better that you choose another location. 


Even if you are following all these tips, we suggest you avoid keeping any valuables in your car.

How to Check Stolen Cars in Pakistan?

According to the official website of Punjab Government, you have to send the Chassis number of the vehicle to 8521. Once that is done, you will get a message with all the details.  

The correct format of sending the message is:

Send Chassis No. in the form CNO ABCXXXXX to 8521

This process is called Stolen Vehicles Identification System which helps you know if the vehicle is stolen or not. The system also discourages the resale of stolen vehicles. 

That is about it!
We hope this blog will help you prevent your car from getting stolen. If you want to buy car anti-theft devices online, do visit OLX Pakistan’s website. Let us know if there are any other tips that you would like to add to the list.

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