Changan Karvaan Standard Vs Suzuki Bolan AC: The Ultimate Comparison

Changan Karvaan Standard Vs Suzuki Bolan AC: The Ultimate Comparison

Since its launch in 2018, Changan Karvaan has been giving a tough competition to Suzuki Bolan. 21,738 units of Bolan were sold for the year (2017-18) that have now been reduced to 8,196 units in 2020-21. The reduction in sales of Bolan since the launch of Karvaan is an indicator of how quickly the latter has captured the market. 

After looking at the success of Karvaan, Suzuki decided to introduce the Suzuki Bolan 2022 AC to regain its position in the market. 

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So, let us have a comparison of Changan Karvaan vs Suzuki Bolan to see where both of them stand and which one you should consider to buy. 

Karvaan vs Bolan: The price difference

Here is the price difference between the Karvaan and Bolan.

Changan Karvaan price in Pakistan Suzuki Bolan price in Pakistan
Changan Karvaan Standard price in Pakistan: Rs.1,794,000Suzuki Bolan VX Price in Pakistan: Rs.1,283,000
Changan Karvaan Plus price in Pakistan: Rs.1,944,000Suzuki Bolan AC Price in Pakistan: Rs.1,370,000

The variants (Bolan AC and Karvaan Standard) we are comparing have a price difference of Rs.424,000. But these are the closest variants in terms of price. Let us see if the higher price of Karvaan is justified. 

Body and specs

Find the body dimensions and specifications of both vehicles below.

DimensionChangan Karvaan StandardSuzuki Bolan AC
Length (mm)3,9803,255
Width (mm)1,6201,395
Height (mm)1,8901,845
Wheelbase (mm)2,5601,840
Ground Clearance (mm)165140
Tyre165/70 R14LT145/70 R12C
Suspension Front: Macpherson independent
Rear: Leaf spring dependent suspension
Front: Strut
Rear: Leaf Spring
BrakesFront: Disc Brakes
Rear: Drum Brakes
Front: Drum Brakes
Rear: Drum Brakes
Fuel tank capacity40 L36 L

Changan Karvaan is the clear winner in the body comparison. It is lengthier, wider, and has more height than the Bolan. Moreover, its ground clearance and brakes are better as well. The price difference is already justified as Karvaan is a bigger MPV than Bolan.

Which has the better engine? Changan Karvaan or Suzuki Bolan

Understanding the differences between engines is important. So, here is a comparison between Karvaan and Bolan engines.

SpecificationChangan Karvaan StandardSuzuki Bolan AC
Displacement (cc)999796
Engine TypeInline, 4 cylinder, 16 valve DOHC,Multipoint Fuel InjectionWater cooled OHC & EFI
Power91 hp @ 6000 rpm37 hp @ 5000 rpm
Torque92 N.m @ 4800 rpm62 N.m @ 3000 rpm
Transmission5-Speed, Manual4-forward all synchromesh, Manual
Seating capacity75

This table shows that Changan Karvaan Standard’s engine is way more powerful than Bolan’s. It produces more power and torque. However, the actual performance might not be as it looks on the paper due to the larger body size of Karvaan.

Fuel economy

Here is the un-official fuel average of both cars.

Changan Karvaan Standard Fuel ConsumptionSuzuki Bolan AC Fuel Consumption
10-12 km/l10-13 km/l

The fuel economy of AC Bolan is not yet official so we are expecting it to be slightly lower than the variant without AC. It is no surprise that the fuel economy of Karvaan is lower as it has a bigger body and larger engine size.

*Fuel economy of both vehicles stated here are based on different sources (unofficial). They can vary depending upon various circumstances like driving style, road condition, etc.

Bolan AC vs Karvaan Standard: Safety features

Here is a list of safety features of both vehicles.

Safety featuresChangan Karvaan StandardSuzuki Bolan AC
Seat belt3-point ELR, Driver + PassengerFront
Fog Lamps
Seat Belt ReminderX
High-mount Stop LampX

Both vehicles have almost identical safety features. Aribags are missing in them as well as many other features. Not providing these basic safety features could be troublesome for these companies in the coming days. 

The Lahore High Court has already ordered that every vehicle being sold should have airbags in them. And that no vehicle will be allowed to be sold or imported if it doesn’t have airbags after 30 June 2022. It means you would see airbags in both of these vehicles soon.

Other than airbags, Immobilizer is available in Bolan AC. However, keyless entry is only available in Karvaan Plus, not in the standard variant.

Changan Karvaan Vs Suzuki Bolan: Comfort features

Checkout the comfort features of both vehicles.

Comfort featuresChangan Karvaan StandardSuzuki Bolan AC
Audio SystemMp3 Player AM/FM radio, AUX + USBUSB/AUX/Radio Player
Air ConditioningDual Aircon (Front and rear)Front
Seats AdjustmentRow 1: 4-Way adjustable
Row 2: 2-Way Adjustable, Fold Down
Row 3: Fixed, Fold Down
Seat MaterialFabricFabric
Cabin LampFront and backFront
Instrument ClusterStandard cluster with LCD DisplayAnalogue
Projector Halogen HeadlampX
Headlamp AdjusterX
Front GrillChromeBlack
Side MirrorsBody ColoredBlack
Door HandlesBody ColoredBlack

This table shows that you’ll get more comfort features in Karvaan Standard than in Bolan. With adjustable seats, dual air conditioner, projector headlamp, headlamp adjuster, and partial LCD instrument cluster, it is surely a better choice. 

So which is better?

Changan Karvaan Vs Suzuki Bolan, the overall comparison shows that the former is a clear winner in many areas. Although the price difference of Rs.424,000 is justified, the budget of consumers also matters a lot. Most people install aftermarket seats to make the Bolan an 8 seater. So, that added cost must be considered as well. So, the best choice in this regard is surely Karvaan Standard. It is the reason why it is a popular 7 seater budget MPV.

We hope you found this quick comparison useful. After reading this, would you buy Changan Karvaan or Suzuki Bolan? Tell us in the comment section.

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6 responses to “Changan Karvaan Standard Vs Suzuki Bolan AC: The Ultimate Comparison”

  1. Changan is best but price is too high
    And bolan is a brand since 1990 bolan wins the trust of people and bolan resale is very good vs changan

  2. People are looking for comfort and features. Suzuki was selling same model since 1990 as no other option left but now quick shift to Karwan shows how much people are awaiting comfort.

  3. Changan parts are not available on time
    Too much expensive parts as compared with suzuki bolan.
    Radiator price 37000. 1000cc karwan lol
    Front shocks. 45000 lol

  4. No doubt Karwaan is far a head in features being new in the market as compared to Bolan which infact is still based on the 80s model. Few facelifts here & there won’t change new trend of the market where people wants comforts along with safety. If Suzuki want to compete, then the company must up with a new model like Suzuki Every otherwise soon or later we may see demise of Bolan.

  5. I use both now I have Changan karvaan Plus best vehicle than bolan more space comfortable seats v.good ac I think valid difference in price

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