Another Bad News! Proton Suspended Bookings of Its Vehicles

Another Bad News! Proton Suspended Bookings of Its Vehicles

Bad news if you were looking to book Proton Saga or Proton X70. Bookings for all the Proton cars are suspended by the company with immediate effect. Not too long ago, the company started the local assembly of its vehicles. But the current situation has forced the company to stop the bookings. 

KIA and Toyota have already suspended bookings for their cars due to the worsening political and economic situation in the country. So, this suspension was expected. 

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Due to this suspension, people can only buy a used Proton car in the country.

With the petrol price increased yesterday and rising USD, we can expect more auto manufacturers to suspend the bookings of their vehicles. It can also be an indicator of another car price hike in the coming days.

Do you think other companies will suspend their bookings under present economic conditions in Pakistan? Tell us in the comment section below.

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