Korea Enhances Employment Quota For Pakistanis

Korea Enhances Employment Quota For Pakistanis

Ambassador of Korea to Pakistan, Mr. Suh Sangpyo recently announced that the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has decided to increase the employment quota for Pakistanis.

Before Covid, each year, 1,000 Pakistanis used to get the opportunity to work in Korea under the Employment Permit System (EPS); however, the program got suspended due to the pandemic. 

The good news is that now, not only the program has been resumed but the Government of Korea has also enhanced the quota from 1,000 to 1,500. 

According to Amb. Sangpyo, currently, there are 10,000 Pakistanis working in South Korea. 

If you want to apply for employment in Korea, this is probably the best time to reap benefits of this scheme. 

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Requirements for a Job Application in Korea

Following are some of the requirements for a job application:

  • Your age should be between 18-40
  • You should pass the EPS-TOPIK
  • You should be able to clear the medical test decided by the Korean Government
  • You should not have any criminal record that is punishable by imprisonment
  • You should not have any previous record of deportation from Korea
  • You have to submit your job application to the sending agency that is appointed as per the MOU signed between Pakistan and Korea.
  • You have to submit the form within the valid term of EPS-TOPIK which is 2 years

Note: If you are unable to sign the job contract within the valid term of the application (1 year), you can make a job application again till your EPS-TOPIK is valid. 

You can download the Korean Visa Application Form from their official website.

If you want further assistance, avail visa services online, on OLX Pakistan’s website. 

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