Problems in iPhone 14: Should You be Worried?

Problems in iPhone 14: Should You be Worried?

Many people were thrilled when Apple launched 4 models of iPhone 14 with its Pro and Pro Max models getting some game changing upgrades. However, some people who bought the new iPhone 14 have faced some problems, which even Apple confirms (some of them).

On the first view, these problems seem to be just the bugs. But for some people, the iPhone 14 problems are much more than just bugs. One of the major problems is iPhone 14 camera shaking which is a matter of concern for many. So, let’s discuss the most common problems that people are facing in iPhone 14 so far.

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iPhone 14 Problems

The following are some of the problems people are facing in the new iPhone 14 Pro models specifically and other models generally. 

iPhone 14 Camera Shaking

Many owners of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models have complained on social media about the camera shaking problems. The majority of them reported that the camera isn’t working on 3rd party apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Also, some users have reported that the third party apps are causing the image stabilization function to malfunction. The camera lens becomes shaky and you can even hear the lens shake. 

The camera shaking iPhone 14 problem might be a nightmare for many. But don’t worry! As per reports, Apple is working to solve this problem which can even damage the primary camera of iPhone 14. We can expect that the problem will be solved in the upcoming update iOS 16.0.2 that will arrive soon. Snapchat is also working with Apple on this issue. 

iPhone 14 Pro Freezing Issue

After buying an iPhone, the first thing people do with an iPhone is to set it up. But many iPhone 14 Pro owners are unable to even pass the initial data transfer page. 

The device is reportedly freezing up (unresponsive) during data transfer for some people. Users have reported a bug that doesn’t allow the iPhone to move past an iCloud restore or the data transfer option when they transfer data from another iPhone. This iPhone 14 problem is among the major ones that has affected many.

The company has reportedly stated that it is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Apple has also recommended that if the iPhone becomes unresponsive for over 5 minutes, the user should do a force restart for now.

iPhone 14 Activation Problem

Apple has confirmed that there are activation problems in the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models. iMessage and FaceTime might not complete activation in these models. Apple even released the iOS update 16.0.1 but the problem may still be there for some devices. The company has listed out the following problems after setting up the phone.

  • Unable to receive iMessages or FaceTime calls.
  • When you send a message to another device (Apple), the green message bubble appears instead of a blue one.
  • Instead of one, the conversations in Messages show up as two separate threads.
  • The recipients may see your messages coming from a wrong account, e.g. from your email address if you had selected your phone number.

The company recommends updating the devices with the iOS 16.0.1 version. But these bugs are missing from the release notes of this update. If you are still having issues, it is recommended to take backup steps which are as follows.

  • Tap “Cellular” in the Settings App. Your phone line should be turned on. Ensure that the desired phone number you want to use is selected and turned on if you use multiple SIMs.
  • Tap ‘Messages” In the Settings App, after that, tap “Send & Receive”.
  • Tap the phone number that you are going to use with Messages.
  • Go back to the Settings App, and tap “FaceTime”.
  • Tap the phone number that you are going to use with FaceTime.


Well, some iPhone 14 owners may be regretting their decision due to the problems they are facing. However, it is reassuring that in the case of severe problems like camera damage due to shaking problems, Apple has replaced phones of some users. For others, the company is working on the solutions that we might see in a week in the form of iOS 16.0.2 update. Apple is also working on an iOS 16.1 version that will resolve most of these problems. It is expected to be released in October.

Some people will now buy the iPhone (previous models) instead of buying iPhone 14. Let’s hope that the company will figure something out before more people are affected with these problems.

Are you facing these or any other problems in the iPhone 14? Tell us in the comment section below.

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