Apple iPhone 15: What We Know So Far

Apple iPhone 15: What We Know So Far

While its launch is still at least a month away, Apple and iPhone enthusiasts have had enough of iPhone 14 and are already eagerly waiting for its next iteration. If you are one of them, you should read this blog till the end. Here, you will find the latest information on the design and price of iPhone 15 based on credible leaks. 

iPhone 15: Design, Aesthetics and Colors

When launched in September 2023, the iPhone 15 is likely to be one of the best-looking smartphones in the market. A rounded phone will not only fit well in the hand but will also look different and better than the straighter iPhone 14. 

Its super-thin display bezels will surely be the first noticeable feature. Though they may not be available in the vanilla model. You can expect the basic model bezels of the size of iPhone 14 Pro, but the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max bezels will be thinner. 

Conventional mechanical buttons would be replaced by the solid state buttons for power, mute and volume control.  

iPhones have typically been offered in silver and gray colors. Then Apple wisened up and offered the iPhone 14 in yellow. Now, the rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone will be available in deep red color. 

Highlights of iPhone 15

The upcoming smartphone is expected to be different from iPhone 14 in the following:

  • Either all iPhone 15 models or some of them will be housed in a titanium casing
  • Dynamic Island feature and smaller notch in all models
  • Rounded edges as compared to Phone 14 
  • Bigger camera bump
  • USB-C port in all models

iPhone 15 Release Date and Price in Pakistan

The global launch of the iPhone 15 is expected to be on September 13, 2023. The new phone will be available in Pakistan soon after. However, its expected price can only be guessed at the moment.

  • iPhone 15 – $800
  • iPhone 15 Plus – $900
  • iPhone 15 Pro – $1,200
  • iPhone 15 Ultra – $1,300

A simple conversion of the US Dollar into Pak Rupee currently puts the upcoming phone in the range of Rs.233,000 – Rs.380,000. Add the PTA tax in it and you are looking at this price tag – Rs.310,000 to Rs.482,000. However, by the time these phones are launched, the Rupee may have devalued and taxes may have gone up further, hence take this price guesstimate as a point of reference only. 

Based on the above, would you be interested in buying a new iPhone 15 or a used iPhone 14 or its previous models. Let us know. 

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