7 Hidden Gems of iOS 16 That You Should Know About

7 Hidden Gems of iOS 16 That You Should Know About

Apple rolled out its latest operating system in September 2022 for iPhones. While some of its features like sending emergency SOS via satellite, Live Activities and home screen widgets are well known, there are others, dare we say, less appreciated features of this OS which every iPhone user should know in our opinion. Knowing them can increase your user experience manifold. 

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So, let’s dive in. 

Let Siri Hang Up the Call

Siri has been your virtual assistant for long performing tasks like playing music, sending text messages, etc. However, till now, you have not been able to ask Siri to hang up your phone or FaceTime call. Now you can.

To avail this feature, simply:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Siri & Search
  • Toggle on Hey Siri
  • Go to Call Hang Up
  • Toggle on Call Hang Up

Now, when you need to hang up the call, say “Hey Siri, hang up the call.”

Use Face ID to Unlock the Phone While Lying Down

If you’re using iPhone 13 or 14, with iOS 16, you do not need to have your iPhone in an upright position for Face ID to work. Now it will work even in landscape orientation or when it’s in a vertical position. 

Lock The Hidden Album

Sure! Apple has a nifty feature of making your Hidden album “Invisible” though it means nothing when someone else has access to your phone who can make the hidden album visible again. 

However, now the Hidden album can be locked. You don’t need to toggle on this feature to use it as it’s readily available in iPhones with iOS 16. Though to make sure, you can:

  • Launch the Photos App
  • Go to Albums
  • Scroll down and see a lock next to the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums

If you need to view the contents of these two albums, either use your password or Face ID.

Pair Nintendo With Your iPhone

You’ve been pairing the Xbox Core Controller and PS5 Sony DualSense with your iPhone and iPad for a long time. Now, thanks to iOS 16 you can pair Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers with iPhone and iPad. 

To pair, follow these simple instructions:

  • Hold down the little black pairing button on the Joy-Con untill the green lights start running
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Go to Bluetooth and select Joy-Con
  • Repeat the same steps to add other Joy-Con

Declutter Your Storage

It’s easy to save the same photos and videos more than once, especially over a period of time. There is nothing wrong with it if you have enough space, but eventually you’re bound to run out of it, so decluttering your photo album for space is important.

If you want to get rid of duplicate photos and videos from your iPhone, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Photos
  • In Albums, you should see a new Duplicates album under Utilities
  • Apple will scan through the album for duplicates
  • You can now either delete them or Merge them 
  • If you choose Merge, the photo with the highest quality will be kept, while its inferior duplicate will be trashed 

Add Haptic Feedback To Your Keyboard

Haptic feedback has been long available on iPhones but never on the stock iOS keyboard. 

With iOS 16, you can add this slight vibration to your keyboard. To enable it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Sounds & Haptics
  • Now to Keyboard Feedback
  • Now toggle on Haptic 

Pin Your Tabs in Safari

If you’ve opened multiple tabs in Safari, it could be awfully hard to find a particular tab after some time. But now, you can press down on an open tab and pin it in Safari with the Pin Tab option. With this, the tab will move to the top of Safari. If you want to unpin the tab, simply press down on it. 

These are some of the most under appreciated features of iOS 16 in our opinion, which every iPhone user must know. For more such blogs, stay tuned to our blog section. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our vast variety of new and used iPhones.

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