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Infinix Zero 5G Review: Specs, Features and Price in Pakistan

Infinix Zero 5G Review: Specs, Features and Price in Pakistan


Infinix makes some of the best affordable smartphones and these sell like hotcakes. Almost every smartphone released by this Chinese manufacturer is a hit. No wonder then it has the 4th largest market share of 11.25% as of March 2022. 

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Infinix Zero 5G 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs, and Features

This time Infinix has launched Infinix Zero 5G, which is arguably one of the cheapest 5G smartphones in the market. This smartphone packs a serious punch when compared  to budget devices from Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. 

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into its specs and features and let you know whether it’s worth the price.  

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Clean yet Elegant Design

For some time now, it feels as if the smartphone designers are losing imagination. Many phone manufacturers are using the flagship designs on all of their smartphones. Infinix Zero 5G design also seems to be inspired by the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21. 



Infinix calls it a uni-curve design, which means there isn’t any sharp curve on this device. The polished plastic back of the phone and smooth camera bump make it a great looking device. However, plastic does not feel premium. Also it may get dull with time. Metallic side rails give a firm grip to the device. 

A Gorgeous FHD+ 120Hz Display

Infinix Zero 5G is using a 6.78-inch IPS LCD display. Being an LCD, the dark may look grayish on this FHD+ panel. Other than that, the colors actually look great and dynamic. Brightness levels are also good as this device can do a peak brightness level of 500 nits making it easily visible outdoors. 


The display is super fluid with its 120Hz display. High refresh rate increases the pleasure of viewing and responsiveness of this device when playing games.  

Infinix Zero 5G Camera

It comes with a triple camera design with each sensor located independent from the other. The middle sensor is small-sized making it the awkward middle child out of the other two sensors at the back. 


Main sensor is a 48MP wide sensor with good picture quality. Colors aren’t that crisp and it artificially softens the pic which ruins the natural aspect of the image. It’s using a 13MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zone. The picture quality at 2x is fine; however, it deteriorates as you further zoom in. The third one is a 2MP bokeh sensor for extra bokeh effect, however its efficacy is highly doubtful. 

The front camera is a 16MP punchhole camera capable of clicking some really nice selfies. 

This smartphone is capable of 4K 30FPS and 1080P/60FPS with its rear camera.The front camera sensor can shoot 1080P video at 30FPS and 720P at 30FPS.

Infinix Zero 5G Performance 

Now this is where things get interesting. This phone can rival many upper-midrange phones with its impressive performance. There isn’t any compromise in this department. Infinix is using a 6nm Gaming Master processor called MediaTek Dimensity.  This CPU can clock at 2.4Ghz to deliver peak performance at any instant. 

Infinix Zero-5G-Processor


This processor coupled with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM provides optimum performance to run any mobile application easily. This smartphone even has 5GB of ROM spared to be used as extended RAM in case it needs it. So the total RAM could be 13 GB in Infinix Zero 5G comes with fast UFS 3.1 storage which means it can load heavy applications in seconds. 

Unlike other smartphones in this budget category, it actually has an excellent thermal cooling system to control the temperature when doing intensive tasks like gaming. This further enhances the performance of this smartphone. 

Infinix Zero 5G Connectivity 

With the new MediaTek Dimensity chipset, Infinix Zero 5G is a 5G enabled device. 5G is enabled on both sim slots with an intelligent dual 5G-SIM function. The government plans to roll out 5G technology in April 2023. 

Infinix Zero-5G


Wifi connectivity is also enhanced to Wi-fi 6 to offer better download and upload speeds.

How long does Infinix Zero 5G device last?

Infinix Zero 5G is using a 5000mAh battery that easily lasts you a day. This battery is coupled with 33W fast charge technology so expect a full charge in around an hour. The processor used in this device is also super-efficient making it extremely battery efficient. 

Infinix Zero-5G-Battery


Infinix claims this device to have 9.4 hours of gaming, 8.8 hours of video playback, 27 days of standby, 22 hours of calling and 152 hours of music playback endurance.

Infinix Zero 5G Price and Colors in Pakistan

 Infinix Zero 5G comes in three colors in Pakistan, namely:

  • Cosmic Black
  • Horizon Blue
  • Skylight Orange

The price of Infinix Zero 5G is Rs.49,999 in Pakistan making it a new midrange champion in its category. It’s arguably one of the cheapest 5G phones in Pakistan. 

This was a quick rundown on some of the most important aspects of this new phone from Infinix. Let us know if you plan on buying it and for what reasons. 

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