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How to Make Your Apple Watch Super Cool: Hacks and Hidden Features You Probably Haven’t Tried

How to Make Your Apple Watch Super Cool: Hacks and Hidden Features You Probably Haven’t Tried

If the title of this blog suggests that your already super amazing Apple Watch isn’t cool enough, that’s not our intention. This blog is written to elevate an already cool gadget to the next level. Here, you will discover those hidden hacks, tricks, and features that you might not be aware of on your Apple Watch. By the time you finish reading, we hope you’ll see your watch in a whole new light.

This blog is both for longtime owners as well as recent users. Beyond the surface, there are valuable features tucked away in settings, apps, and tools. These hidden features apply to all Apple Watch models, from Series 9 to Series 4, as long as you’re running watchOS 10. Make sure your device is up to date, and unlock the full potential of your Apple Watch with these tips!

Hands-Free Control: Unleashing Apple Watch’s Gesture Magic! 

Discover a hands-free way to control your Apple Watch with gestures, allowing you to navigate features without touching the screen or buttons. These hand gestures are part of the AssistiveTouch features, designed for a more inclusive Apple Watch experience.

To activate hand gestures: 

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, and toggle on AssistiveTouch. 
  • Then, navigate to Hand Gestures in the Inputs menu and toggle it on. 

You can customize the actions for four gestures: Pinch, Double Pinch, Clench, and Double Clench.

Travel the World with Siri and Let Her Do the Talking! 

Explore the language capabilities of your Apple Watch with Siri’s real-time translation tool. With support for 11 languages, simply ask, “Siri, how do I say (word or phrase) in (language)” to receive instant translations both in text and spoken form. Perfect for travelers or language learners, Siri’s translation feature makes communication easy and efficient.

Shazam on Your Wrist: Identifying Songs with Your Apple Watch!

Discover Shazam on your Apple Watch for instant song identification. Just like the smartphone version, Shazam on your wrist allows you to identify songs playing out loud without bothering anyone. Download the app on your Apple Watch, open it when needed, or simply ask Siri by pressing the digital crown and saying, “What song is playing?” to quickly find out the track.

Smart Charging for a Healthier Battery: Apple Watch Optimized Charging!

Preserve your Apple Watch battery health with optimized charging, a feature introduced with watchOS 7. Enabled by default, you can check and activate it in battery settings under battery health. Optimized charging helps extend battery life by pausing charging between 75% and 80% when your watch predicts it will be charging for an extended period, considering your past charging habits and location.

Maximize Battery Life: Unlocking Apple Watch’s Low Power Mode!

Extend your Apple Watch battery life with the new Low Power Mode, available on watches running watchOS 9. This mode conserves energy by turning off features like the always-on display and background health sensor readings. When tracking a workout in Low Power Mode, GPS and heart rate readings are limited. Activate it by swiping up to open the Control Center, tapping the battery percentage bubble, and toggling on Low Power Mode. You can customize the duration for 1 to 3 days.

Tailoring Your Apple Watch: Adjusting App Return Timing for a Personalized Experience!

Customize your Apple Watch experience by adjusting the return-to-clock timing from apps. By default, the watch returns to the clock face after two minutes of inactivity. If this is too quick for you, change it in general settings under “Return to Clock.” Switch from ‘Always’ or ‘After 2 minutes’ to ‘After 1 hour.’ Alternatively, you can customize the return timing for each app individually by scrolling down in settings.

Step Count on Your Watch Face: Hacking with Third-Party Apps!

Displaying your step count on your Apple Watch face isn’t native, but you can achieve it with a third-party app. Download your preferred pedometer app on your iPhone and sync it with your Apple Watch. Confirm the app is on your smartwatch in the “My Watch” tab of the Watch app. To see your step count on your watch face, simply edit the face to include the third-party complication.

Tailoring Your Apple Watch: Personalizing the Digital Crown Orientation!

Customize the orientation of your Apple Watch by adjusting the direction of the digital crown. In general settings, choose between Left or Right based on your preference for the digital crown’s positioning. If you switch from right to left or vice versa, the display will rotate accordingly. Experiment with these settings to find the most comfortable orientation for your Apple Watch.

Time-Saving Tip: How to Create and Use Favorite Timers on Your Apple Watch!

Enhance your timer experience on the Apple Watch by creating a list of favorite timers for quick and easy access. Simply swipe left on a timer in the ‘recents’ section and tap the orange star button to mark it as a favorite. Your favorite timers will then be conveniently located in a new ‘favorites’ menu above the ‘recents’ section, allowing you to organize and access them effortlessly.

We hope by making use of these tips, tricks and hacks, you’ll be able to upgrade your Apple Watch experience. For further information on related topics, read:

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