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Sindh Issues Most Advanced Number Plates in the Country

Sindh Issues Most Advanced Number Plates in the Country

The Government of Sindh has started to issue new number plates which can neither be forged nor duplicated. What’s more, these number plates can be scanned by the Police, preventing or at least lowering incidents of car theft in the province.

Here are some of the other distinguishing features of this new number plate:

  • Readable at night
  • Comes with a barcode
  • Number plates have got aluminum sheets 

As these new full of security features number plates are rolled out, they are being issued to those who are registering new cars. 

Will the new plates prevent vehicle theft in Sindh?

No! At least for now. This is because this number plate is being issued to a handful and the government has made no commitment to issue a particular number in a year. If these plates are not issued in big numbers in a short period of time, car theft will remain a problem in the province and this is assuming that the new number plates can prevent car theft. 

Currently, over 4 million number plates are yet to be issued in Sindh. This includes number plates for both bikes and cars. At present, the provincial government has the capacity to process 260,000 number plates in a year. This is due to lack of funds. 

Sindh Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department is working at snail pace and it would take them at least 15 years to clear the present backlog. In the light of this, the new number plates will make no difference. 

What do you make of this news? Do you think this is a genuine effort on part of the provincial government to modernize car registration or is this another lollipop?

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