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Partner Kahani – Baig Brothers (Auto Parts)

OLX Pakistan is a platform that helps businesses grow. Kabeer Baig, the owner of Baig Brothers, is one example of the success a partnership with OLX brings to businesses around the country.

Baig Brothers is an auto parts business located in Bilal Ganj Market, Lahore. The owner, Kabeer Baig, did his BBA from Lahore School of Economics.
Baig Brothers buy cars from different buyers through auctions. They then bring these cars to Pakistan, pay their respective duties, and then bring them to their stores. They provide customers, who have been involved in car accidents, the facility of genuine parts for their car repairs. These parts are relatively cheaper as compared to the price of getting a brand-new car after an accident. They offer genuine parts which makes them an enticing option for customers. They deal exclusively with auto parts from Honda, Toyota, Kia Motors, Hyundai, and MG.

Kabeer Baig found OLX while he was searching for digital mediums to promote his business. He was very impressed with the feedback people were giving about OLX. He thought it was the right time to switch to OLX in order to promote his business further.

Kabeer then started promoting his business by uploading different pictures of different parts which drastically increased his clientele. This led to a massive improvement in his business. He has benefited greatly by working with OLX. He posts ads about his products which gets him great responses.
He believes that whether a business needs to expand improve or start, OLX is the best platform.

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