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Changan Brings Karvaan MPV Plus

Changan Automobiles which is the number 1 automotive brand in China for the last 10 years has entered the Pakistani vehicle market in 2018 in a joint venture with Master Motors. After its immense success over two years, Changan has introduced the Karvaan MPV Plus which turned out to be the customers’ first choice. 

The exterior of the van dons modern design features with its trapezium styled headlights, chrome grille, chrome-lined fog lamps, and reflectors in the back that are mounted onto the bumper. It comes in three colour variants. 

Changan Introduces The New Karvaan Plus in Pakistan

On the road, the Changan Karvaan Plus looks sophisticated and compact all the while having enough space to transport up to 7 people at once. The interior, although largely the same owing to the success of the previous model, has a new 2 tone beige upholstery and door trims adding beauty to its exquisite design. 

The all-new Changan Karvaan MPV Plus features an Electric Power Steering (EPS), power windows in the front seats, central-lock system, and keyless entry making it a force to be reckoned within the modern passenger vehicle market. It also has 4-way adjustable seats in the front row and 2-way adjustable seats in the second row. The second and third-row seats are foldable for access with adjustable headrests for all seats. 

The speedometer features an alluring monochrome display with all basic essential information and the audio system includes a dynamic Bluetooth/MP3/AM/FM/Aux/USB system. The Karvaan MPV Plus also hosts a 5-speed manual gearbox making it a good choice for travelling in the northern areas as well. 

There are various things that set the Changan Karvaan Plus apart from its competitors. The first of these is its resale value. Unlike most Japanese cars that fall in the same league, the Changan Karvaan does not lose value over time. There are various factors that affect the resale value of a car such as the colours it comes in and the durability of the built quality of the car. 

The Changan Karvaan MPV Plus fits the bill in all those regards which is evident from 101 listings we have found on OLX of the 2019 or even 2018 model. The last year’s invoice price was Rs 1,339,000 of Karvaan’s standard model which is now priced at Rs 1,435,000.

Regardless of the official change in price, we found around 40+ vehicles that are 1 or more years old being sold at prices higher than the original price and almost 10+ vehicles are sold at a price higher than today’s brand-new price of the standard variant. Hence proves the preserved resale value of Changan’s products. 

Changan has ensured in building and maintaining its local presence by forming the widest 3S dealership network across Pakistan. They have constructed more than 15 dealerships and are on the move of expanding its current dealership network. 

Another key factor to bear in mind is the value for money that comes with the Changan Karvaan MPV Plus. Priced at 15.55 lac PKR, it gives its competitors a run for their money. While direct competitors have had highly fluctuating price structures, Changan’s customers rest assured of the stable drive of the Karvaan MPV Plus as well as its stable and affordable price structure.

A common problem for many families in Pakistan is being able to travel together owing to the large sizes of the families and limited capacity in easily accessible cars. The Changan Karvaan MPV Plus is the perfect solution as it brings the best value for money. You can now travel with up to 7 family members and take a sizable amount of carry-on luggage wherever you go. 

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