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Bose Sunglasses: Audio Meets Sass!


Before Bose introduced the Bluetooth glasses and sunglasses into the market, the very concept of smart glasses was not greeted with much enthusiasm. This is due to the massive failure of Google Glass. Yes, Google innovated it, but was it too early or did they just not understand what the consumers wanted? Well, Bose learned from the failure of Google Glass and came out with a product that caters to the masses!

These are not only smart glasses, they are a fashion statement, a leap towards the future and a beautiful integration of vogue and technology. So, without further ado, let us see what makes these glasses different and chic.


1. Look

The Audio Glasses from Bose keep up with the current fashion trend. The frames are trendy and sturdy. The beauty of the frame is that it is built to suit to every face. The design also blends in with regular sunglasses, hence most people cannot even tell the difference.

The ergonomic design of the frame helps the user by not putting any pressure on the nose or ears, making it an enjoyable experience. Even if you choose not to use its smart features, the comfort and class these glasses provide are second to none.


2. Battery Life

The battery life of the frame is between 3 to 6 hours of continuous playback (depending on with frame you opt to buy). This is usually more than enough for any true wireless device. The frame comes with a magnetic charger that attaches to the right side of glasses and charges them rapidly.


3. Discreetness

The angle of the speakers on the arm of the frames enables you to listen to the sound crisply and clearly. Imagine, you are out for a walk and like us, you can’t fully enjoy it unless you listen to your favourite music along the way. However, there is a problem that you become alienated from the environment around you, well these glasses cater to it all. At fifty percent of volume level, the sound becomes loud for the user whereas people around you are unable to sense it. Adding to that, since your ears are free, you can easily listen to what’s happening around you.


4. Smartphone Integration

These Frames utilize the Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone device. The Bluetooth and Bose’s Open Ear Audio Technology work together to ensure that you get a true sound experience without the need for any earphones.

On the arm of the frame is a touch panel embedded to control your audio and calls. The digital buttons use motor sensors and touch mechanisms to deliver your action to your smartphone. Through these buttons, you can pause, skip or rewind a song and you can also answer and end a call.


5. Diversity

While most companies focused on providing a single frame, Bose provides a wide range of frames to its customers. These include the sport, classic and the latest look frames. The sport variant of the frame provides the most battery life (up to 8 hours) and a deeper sound.

The latest look frames have a more premium finish to it. They support up to 5 hours of playback and complement any chic attire you wear.


Bose Audio Glasses are not just a gimmick, these are thoughtfully made and beautiful to look at. The smartphone connectivity factor makes it easier for you to interact with those around you and take a call at the same time. Using these glasses is not just a statement, it is a whole new immersive experience.

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