Popular Cattle Markets or Bakra Mandi in Lahore

Popular Cattle Markets or Bakra Mandi in Lahore

People mostly know about the 2 or 3 popular cattle markets in Lahore (Bakra Mandi in Lahore) like Shahpur-Kanjra, Saggian, etc. But do you know that there are many more sales points (mandian) of sacrificial animal in the city? We are here with many popular points from where you can buy animals for sacrifice (qurbani-ke-janwar) in Lahore. 

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Pine Avenue Road Bakra Mandi in Lahore

NFC Society (Near Bahria Town)

Saggian Road Bakra Mandi in Lahore

Turkey Road Near LWMC Dumping Point in Lakhodair (Wagha Zone / Near Lahore Ring Road)

Nishter Zone at LDA City (near Sidhar Village at Kahna Kachha, Defence Road)

Shahpur Kanjran Bakra Mandi in Lahore

Other Locations:

  • LDA Avenue-One (on Raiwind Road)
  • Raiwind (near Haveli Markaz)
  • Site for IT University (Main Campus) on Barki Road, near Paragon Society (Aziz Bhatti Zone)
  • Faqeer Muhammad Dagya Road, near SNGPL Office (Ravi Zone)
  • Sports Complex at Adda Rakh Chabeel, near Manwan Hospital (Shalimar Zone).

Buy Qurbani Ke Janwar (Animal for Sacrifice) on OLX

If you don’t want the hassle to visit the Lahore anim,al markets (Bakra Mandi in Lahore) in this rainy season (mud everywhere), you can buy animals for sacrifice on OLX. You can buy any type of qurbani ke janwar such as goats, sheep, cows, bulls, camels, etc. on this platform. For your convenience, we have also covered the best time to buy sacrificial animals at lower prices by analyzing past year’s data.

These are some of the most popular Lahore cattle markets that everyone must know before buying animals for sacrifice.

Is it convenient for you to buy sacrificial animals from cattle markets or from online market such as OLX? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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