Top 14 Inexpensive Hobbies

Top 14 Inexpensive Hobbies

Famous American author of children’s books and poetry, Phyllis McGinley once said – A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away- and we cannot agree more.

Having a hobby is a great way of not only spending your leisure time wisely but also a smart technique of polishing your art. There are also thousands of mental health benefits that are associated with having a hobby like reduced stress, enhanced well-being, improved social skills, etc.

Most people believe that it is expensive to have a hobby. It is not true. There are various hobbies that are inexpensive and can be done from home. Some people also convert these hobbies into a source of income later on in their lives.

Contrary to popular belief, inexpensive hobbies do not lack excitement or creativity.

Having said that, we have a whole list of hobbies that are not going to cost you a lot but will bring you lots of joy. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Gardening

Gardening is one of those inexpensive hobbies that not only keep you busy but also give you a chance to connect with nature. Becoming a plant parent makes you feel productive, responsible and brings you happiness.  


Even though gardening is an inexpensive hobby, it requires a lot of commitment. It is like raising a child on your own. If you feel like you cannot devote too much time to this hobby, you can consider getting low-maintenance plants. 

Along with all of this, gardening will also help lower your grocery bills if you plant food plants at home. 

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2. DIY

There are hundreds and thousands of DIY ideas available on the internet. Depending on your personal interest,  you can start taking DIY projects. You can either fix things around your home or make things from scratch. 


Some people make homemade candles, cushion covers, sweaters, lamps, etc. If you choose one particular product, you can convert it into a source of income down the road. 

3. Cooking

Cooking is a hobby that makes you, as well as others happy – given that you can cook. 


For many people, cooking is therapeutic. Along with being a hobby, it is a great life skill that every person should learn. To pursue cooking as a hobby, it is not necessary that you spend on expensive ingredients. You can easily cook mouth-watering food items and that too without spending too much. 

It is also a great way to save money by eating less at restaurants.  

4. Reading

Another fun hobby that does not require you to spend a lot of money is reading. Since people have different likes and dislikes, you can choose what to and what not to read. Some people choose to read fiction, while others prefer self-development books. 


Instead of buying books, you can get yourself registered at a library nearby and visit it on a regular basis. Some people also prefer reading online books. 

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5. Writing

While every person may not love to do it, some people may love to explore this part of their personality. Putting what you feel on paper is not less than any art. 


Writing is one of the most affordable ways of having fun. From writing in books to having a blog of your own, there are various forms of writing. All you need is some creativity and the ability to put your feelings into words. 

6. Learning Origami

Origami is a beautiful form of art and is an inexpensive hobby that will help you produce beautiful decoration items for your home. It looks difficult but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do it easily. 


If you are someone who loves to decorate your home or take charge of decor at different events then this hobby is for you. You can make special origami hangings for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family get togethers, etc. 

7. Listening to TED Talks

Listening to TED talks is another hobby that does not require you to spend anything but helps you gain a lot. There are thousands of TED talks available online and all of them cater to different kinds of audiences. 


From mental health to self confidence to time management, different speakers cover different topics making sure that all of us benefit in some way or another. If you make this a habit, we guarantee you that you will learn a lot. 

8. Meditate

Trying to find inner peace? Practice meditation. 

No matter if you are feeling anxious, stressed or confused, meditation will help you be a more centered person. Once you start meditating on a daily basis, you will notice a visible and positive difference in your ability to deal with daily life problems.


There are various meditation tutorials available online that you can use to do meditation at home. 

9. Painting

This is one of the best hobbies that one could start with. Even if you are not an artistic person, painting is a satisfying hobby and a simple way to entertain yourself. Along with this, it is also satisfying to mix different colors and make a beautiful painting with it. 

Some people prefer to paint on sketch pages, while others prefer glass painting. 

10. Photography

If you are someone who loves taking pictures then consider making a hobby out of it. There are various free photography tutorials and courses available online that you can take to polish your skills. 


Even if you do not have a lot of experience, you can register for a beginner’s course and learn the basics of photography. It is not necessary to have a professional camera to pursue photography as a hobby, you can also take pictures from your phone and amaze the world with your skills. 

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11. Calligraphy

To pursue calligraphy as your hobby, you have to buy papers and a few special pens from any craft store. Some people take calligraphy by attending physical classes, while others prefer the mediated form of study. 


We think taking physical classes is a better option when it comes to learning a craft like calligraphy. Once you become skilled at it, you can make calligraphy paintings for your home or gift it to your friends. Some people make it as a source of income and start selling calligraphy online. 

12. Sewing or Embroidery

It may sound old fashioned but learning how to do embroidery is a skill on its own. Surprisingly, embroidery helps you to make cool things like embroidered hoops, cushion covers, towels and what not. 


You can learn embroidery skills from YouTube or from any craft class near your home. 

13. Collecting Something

It may sound weird, but for some people collecting is a fun hobby. Different people have different preferences. From coins to clothes to shoes, people like collecting different things. 


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14. Dancing

If we talk about personal favorites, this has to be it. 


Dancing is not only a hobby but a form of art as well. It keeps you entertained and makes you feel happy as well. Along with this, dancing is also a great form of exercise. 

While you may be wondering how to find a new hobby, we think it depends on your preferences. We hope this guide will help you make a decision. 

Do let us know if you would like to add something to the list. 

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