From Traditional to Trendy: Men’s Wallet Brands Shaping Pakistan’s Style Scene

From Traditional to Trendy: Men's Wallet Brands Shaping Pakistan's Style Scene

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” it is said. Nowhere is it truer than in the origins of wallets. 

Over the long course of human history, financial transactions have evolved from barter to now include touchless, cashless transactions. However, paper currency remains the principal instrument of a capitalist economy. Did you know that wallets were invented when paper money was introduced in Europe in the 1600s? Before paper currency, coins were in vogue, usually stored and carried in drawstring leather pouches. In this blog, we’ll cover men’s wallet brands in Pakistan, including both locally made and imported brands.


Jafferjees is a premier leather goods brand in Pakistan. Founded as a small leather goods store in Quetta, in 1880, Jafferjees later moved to Karachi and continued their tradition of crafting high-quality leather products. For over 150 years, they’ve offered timeless designs and top-notch service, becoming one of the oldest and most trusted leather brands.

Jafferjees is renowned for its high-quality leather wallets, which combine style with practicality. Crafted from premium leather, these wallets come in a range of styles, including classic bi-fold and tri-fold designs, as well as modern minimalist options. They range in price from Rs.2,000 to Rs.12,000.

Royal Tag

Royal Tag is a men’s fashion brand specializing in smart formal wear. Founded in 2012, their philosophy centers around delivering quality products and consistent customer care to ensure lasting success in the market. They aim to strengthen their relationship with customers by offering contemporary formal and casual wear of the highest quality.

Royal Tag’s genuine leather wallets blend style and functionality, boasting elegant designs tailored to your preferences. With multiple compartments for cards and cash, they keep you organized while on the move. Crafted from top-quality materials, Royal Tag wallets will cost you around Rs.4,000. 


Established in 2003, Outfitters is a fashion brand tailored for the spirited youth of Pakistan who embrace the latest lifestyle trends in style, music, technology, and social networking. With separate product lines for men, women, and juniors, Outfitters offers a diverse range of products to suit various styles and preferences, from trendy fashion pieces to athleisure and casual wear. Their product range also includes footwear, accessories, and fragrances. 

Their wallets range in price from Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,000. 


Datchi is a leading player in the footwear industry. They prioritize creating lasting impressions with their shoes, offering high-quality footwear suitable for various occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events. Datchi also brings international fashion trends to Pakistan, aiming to make their customers fashionable and comfortable. Their product range includes men’s footwear, shirts, belts, leather jackets, women’s footwear, and bags, offering a comprehensive selection for their clientele.

Datchi’s men’s wallets range isn’t extensive but wide, ranging from Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000. 


Borjan focuses on footwear and accessories, offering diverse designs from modern to classic. With over 145 outlets across 75 cities in Pakistan, Borjan is widely recognized for its quality and service. 

Among local brands, Borjan offers the widest variety of men’s wallets, ranging in price from Rs.1,000 to Rs.3,000.


Sounding Italian, Mocciani is a local brand catering to postmodern men and women seeking style and sophistication since 2011. As Pakistan’s premium shoe brand, Mocciani strives to offer top-quality products and the latest trends in footwear, handbags, and accessories. With stores located in major cities across Pakistan, Mocciani aims to enhance people’s appearance and personality with its commitment to perfection and quality. 

Mocciani offers a wide range of men’s wallets, catering to all budgets, with prices ranging from Rs.2,000 to Rs.4,000.


HUB, founded in 2001, specializes in premium leather goods. As the flagship brand of Urban Brands, which has a rich history in leather and textile manufacturing since the early 1900s, HUB offers a diverse range of leather products, including luxury handbags, wallets, office bags, accessories, and travel essentials. With a focus on design and attention to detail, supported by skilled teams and technology, HUB caters to both national and international customers through retail stores in four major cities and online platforms. 

Like Borjan, HUB offers the widest variety of men’s wallets, ranging in price from Rs.2,000 to Rs.7,000.


Gucci is a renowned Italian luxury brand known for its high-quality fashion and leather goods. Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence, and initially focused on leather goods. Gucci quickly gained recognition for its craftsmanship and quality. Over the years, Gucci expanded its product line to include clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, fragrances, and more.

Gucci offers a diverse range of men’s wallets crafted from premium materials such as leather and canvas. Their wallet styles range from classic bi-fold and tri-fold designs to more contemporary options like cardholders and money clips. In Pakistan, they will cost you thousands to lakhs of rupees. 

Giorgio Armani


Founded in 1975 in Milan, Giorgio Armani is an iconic Italian fashion house known for its sophisticated and timeless designs. The brand quickly gained recognition for its minimalist aesthetic and modern elegance, revolutionizing the fashion industry with its relaxed yet refined approach to luxury. Giorgio Armani expanded its offerings to include ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, fragrances, eyewear, and more, becoming one of the most influential fashion houses worldwide.

Giorgio Armani offers a range of men’s wallets crafted from high-quality materials such as leather, suede, and canvas. In Pakistan, they will cost you thousands to lakhs of rupees. 


Montblanc is a luxury brand known for its exquisite writing instruments, leather goods, watches, jewelry, and accessories. Founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany, Montblanc initially focused on manufacturing high-quality fountain pens. Over the years, Montblanc expanded its product range to include leather goods, timepieces, fragrances, eyewear, and more, all crafted with the same commitment to quality and precision.

Montblanc offers a diverse range of men’s wallets crafted from premium materials such as full-grain leather, textured leather, and exotic skins like alligator. In Pakistan, they will cost you thousands to lakhs of rupees. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you are looking for men’s wallets in Pakistan, check them out on OLX listings. 

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