Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.

Fathers are real life superheroes who go out of their way to make the world a better place for their children.

As father’s day is just around the corner, we are sure you would have probably thought of some ways to make your father feel special. Maybe a dinner at his favorite restaurant, a small family picnic, a homemade cake, a fun pizza party, chilling at home or absolutely anything and everything that your dear buddy loves. 

But if you are someone who forgot about father’s day and have nothing planned for it, you need not worry because we have got you covered. Here are a few gift ideas that you can go through to buy a special present for your father.

1. A Perfume Set

As simple as it may sound, a perfume set is a great gift idea. No matter what the occasion – birthday, graduation, father’s day – a perfume set always works. After all, who does not like a nice scent? As the name suggests, these sets are not just limited to perfumes, they also consist of shower gels, shaving foam, etc. 


Since every person has a different choice, try to get an idea of what kind of fragrance the giftee likes. If you are unable to find out, choose a perfume set with a mild fragrance. 

2. A Tech Gadget

It may sound stereotypical but guys (excluding old school dads) are crazy for tech gadgets. If you want to make the receiver, especially a tech freak, happy, consider buying a tech gadget. There are various options to consider if you are planning on giving a tech gadget. Some of these include a Bluetooth speaker, wireless ear pods, wireless charger, a smart watch, etc. 


If you are considering giving a gadget try to get something that is compatible with most devices. 

To get a tech gadget, you can visit OLX Pakistan by clicking here.

3. A Trendy Clothing Item

Gifting someone a clothing item is an idea that can never go wrong. Since some men are more inclined towards kurta shalwar and others prefer a suit, it would be great if you know about their preferences before you buy any clothing item. 


Either you buy something keeping in view the giftee’s preferences or go all out and get them something according to your choice. That would be a great surprise, wouldn’t it? 

4. Cufflinks

Modern dressing is not complete without a pair of cufflinks. From vintage to modern, there are multiple kinds of cufflinks available in the market. You can either choose something that has a neutral done or go for a solid color.


From kurta shalwar to formal dressing, cufflinks level up men’s outfit game. 

5. A Pair of Shoes

Is it just us or do you guys also think that a pair of shoes are an extremely underrated gift idea? We suggest you consider giving a pair of shoes to your loved ones. From athletic to formal to casual, you can choose any type of shoes that you think the recipient would like. 


A nice pair of shoes not only elevate a daytime casual look but also enhance any evening look. 

6. Personalized Wallet

Attaching sentimental value increases the worth of any gift.

Another gift idea that we have in the list for you is a wallet. From reasonably priced to high end, there are thousands of wallets available in the market. The catch here is to give it a touch of personalization. You can get the giftee’s name, name initials, or a special date embossed on the wallet to make it more special.


Some people also choose to get images engraved. 

Pro Tip: Choose a wallet that has multiple card slots and pockets.

7. A Wrist Watch

A wrist watch can create the magic required to make a man happy. There are hundreds of brands that manufacture men’s watches but whenever you plan on investing in one try to get a watch that goes well with formal as well as casual outfits. This will allow the receiver to wear it on multiple occasions making your gift extremely useful. 


However, if the man you are giving it to likes a particular type of watch, we suggest you choose that.

If you want to buy a wrist watch online, visit OLX Pakistan’s website.

8. A Necktie Set

A necktie set is another gift idea that won’t go wrong. A tie set gives the whole outfit a complete and polished look no matter what event a man is going to attend. 


Each necktie set is different. For example, some necktie sets would have neckties, pocket squares and cufflinks. While others will also include lapel pins and bow ties. 

Make sure you get a necktie set that has a nice stitching, sleek look and a deluxe gift box to make your father, husband or friend feel like royalty.

9. A Pair of Sunglasses 

A pair of sunglasses is a classic gift that is still considered as one of the best gifts for men. You can give a pair of sunglasses separately or choose to get a sunglasses gift set for men. These sets come with a small notebook, a keychain, a pen, a belt or a watch. 


Since each set is different, it is not necessary that all of these things would be present in every set. Here, you have to decide which accessories you would want to be included in the box. 

10. Fountain Pens

With all the hustle and bustle of modern life, do not forget that there are some people who still love and appreciate old school goodies. 


If you are buying a gift for a man in your life, who would like something classic, then a fountain pen can be your pick. Along with separate fountain pens, you can choose to get a fountain pen set. These sets usually have extra nibs, ink refill converter, ink bottle, etc. that are extremely useful.

While we know that there is no specific day to celebrate your bond with your father but this father’s day let’s get something special for our number one guy as a token of appreciation. 

Happy Father’s Day to all of you from Team OLX Pakistan!

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