Make Your Loved Ones and Wallet Happy: 25 Affordable Gift Ideas 2024

Make Your Loved Ones and Wallet Happy: 25 Affordable Gift Ideas 2024

Gift-giving occasions are special moments for strengthening bonds and spreading joy, but it can be tough to find affordable options, especially in today’s economic climate. Worry not! We’ve compiled a list of evergreen and budget-friendly gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. Let’s spread happiness without straining our wallets!

The budget-friendly gift items here are for everyone including males, females, children, young, mid-aged, elderly, married, and unmarried people. So, let’s start with the first idea.

1.Chocolate Baskets or Boxes

Chocolate baskets have been among the most popular gifts not only in Pakistan but all over the globe for decades. If you want to make it budget-friendly, buy a basket and fill it with the number of chocolates you can afford. Some gift decorative items can also be wrapped around he basket. That’s it! 


Price starts from: Rs.300 (can be lower depending upon number and price of chocolates)


Clothes have been a traditional gift idea in Pakistan. There are many options to choose from. This gift idea is suitable for all genders and age groups. You can buy a complete suit or a shirt/pants/any other clothing item. A single piece will be cheaper than an entire suit. So, choose as per your budget.


Price starts from: Rs.300

  • Girl Shirt: Rs.500
  • Boy Shirt: Rs.300
  • Girl Scarf: Rs. 300

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For kids, nothing can be more special than toys. It is the reason why we have added them to our list. We don’t recommend useless toys which add no value or don’t help children in learning. You can buy a toy (as per the child’s age) which is not only fun but also helps the kids learn something new or improve their abilities. There are many toys available at cheap prices in Pakistan so budget is not going to be an issue.


Price starts from: Rs.100

  • Animal Toys: Rs.300
  • Alphabets: Rs.250
  • Puzzle: Rs.250
  • Flute: Rs.200
  • Small Metal Car: Rs.150
  • Small Magnetic Car: Rs.200
  • Rubik’s Cube: Rs.100

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The more the world is shifting to laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc., the more books are becoming obsolete. More screen time can be dangerous. Also, reading speed decreases on screen compared to reading on paper. That’s why a book or magazine can be a great gift for your loved one if he/she likes reading. There are numerous options available so you can choose as per the preferences of your loved one.


Price starts from: Rs.150

5.Photo Frames

Photo frames have been a popular low price gift choice for many people. You can find numerous styles, types, and sizes. Also, they are available in different materials. Due to this variety, you can easily get 1 at a budget-friendly price.


Price starts from: Rs.150

6.Jewelry (Personalized as Per Special Occasion)

Giving jewelry as a gift is an amazing idea. It is more suitable for females. You can select a piece of jewelry (personalized with the special occasion) like a necklace with a her name or bangles with customized writing. Want to know the popular jewelry items? Here are the popular options in this regard.

  • Bracelet
  • Necklace
  • Bangles
  • Chain
  • Ring
  • Earrings

Price starts from: Rs.100

7.Scented or Stylish Candles

Candles can be a good low-price gift idea. You can choose scented ones or stylish ones that the receiver can use to decorate the house on special occasions. In this way, you will also become a part of the celebrations of your loved one even if you can’t visit in person.


Price starts from: Rs.200

8.Wall Hanging Decor

Wall-hanging decorations are another impressive low-budget gift idea. Although there are many costly wall hanging decorations available, many low price items are also available. You can get a family tree, sketch, painting, calligraphy, etc. for this purpose.


Price starts from: Rs.250


A wallet is a classical gift for him (males). You cannot only get a wallet for a low price but it is also something that the gift receiver will use every day. So, this gift can help him remember you whenever he takes the wallet out of his pocket.


Price starts from: Rs.250

10.Handbag / Clutch / Pouch

Handbags, clutches, or pouches are among the best gift ideas for her (females). These are the items of regular use so you are giving something which won’t be just placed in a corner. Also, you can choose the color of her choice to show that you remember her preferences. This gift idea is suitable for most of the age groups.


Price starts from: Rs.300

  • Handbag: Rs.500
  • Clutch: Rs.300
  • Pouch: Rs.300

11.Budget Mobile Phone

You must be wondering how a mobile phone can be a low-price gift idea. Well! It is for people who want to specifically gift a smartphone. For them, there are numerous options available that they can choose from. Also, you can even get a used mobile phone to give as a gift if you have budget constraints.


Price starts from: Rs.10,000 (can be lower in case of specific used mobiles)

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12.Stationery Items

Stationery items are among the best budget-friendly gift ideas for school-going kids. Parents often give quite boring stationery items to their school-going kids. So, there is your opportunity. You can impress the children by gifting them fancy stationery items like color boxes, stylish scales, modern geometry boxes, etc.


Price starts from: Rs.150

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13.Lunch Box

A modern or stylish lunch box is not just a dream for kids but it is also suitable for people who do jobs and take their lunch with them. You can choose from a variety of lunch boxes available these days. And guess what! There are many affordable options available for you.


Price starts from: Rs.200

14.School Bag

Kids love to have new items that they can present to their friends at school. If you give the child a school bag, he/she will easily showcase it to his/her friends. If the bag is unique, as per the desires of the kid, or his/her friends like it and give a lot of compliments, your loved one is going to remember you for a long time.


Price starts from: Rs.500

15.Kid Swimming Pool

A small inflatable swimming pool can be an exceptional gift for kids. It is a little expensive gift compared to other low-priced items listed here. But still, it is worth mentioning because you can get cheaper water pools as well. As the summer is just beginning, this gift can make them a lot happier in the coming months.


Price starts from: Rs.1,500

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16.Power Bank

There are many gifts that people like because of their real-life usage. Power Banks can be among the best gift ideas for him or her as they will help the person in everyday life. There are many cheap options available from which you can choose.


Price starts from: Rs.500

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17.Mobile Cover

Mobile covers are yet another option to be given as a gift and it is also becoming a trend these days. Remember that this gift idea is for casual days not highly recommended for the special occasions. If you know the model of your loved one’s mobile, you can buy a catchy cover for it. Remember the color and design preferences to show you care about the gift receiver.


Price starts from: Rs.150

18.Portable Mini Speakers

Due to the limited sound of smartphones, many people look for small portable mini speakers that they can use with their mobiles. If you think the person needs it, it can be an impressive low-price gift item. 


Price starts from: Rs.500

19.Watch or Smartwatch

A watch is among the most popular gifts which you can give to people of all ages and genders. No matter the classic watch or smartwatch, you can find all types at a low price (with some compromises). So, choose now if you think it will fascinate the receiver.


Price starts from: Rs.250

  • Classic Watch: Rs.400
  • Smartwatch: Rs.1000

20.Cosmetic / Makeup Items

There are many cosmetic items you can gift to females. These include makeup sets, makeup brushes, lipsticks, foundations, etc. Girls tend to like these kinds of items as gifts.


Price starts from: ~Rs.150

  • Makeup Brush Set: ~Rs.250
  • Lipstick: ~Rs.150
  • Blush On: ~Rs.200


Mug is a conventional budget gift idea that many people choose when they are confused about what to give. Don’t worry! It is an impressive idea especially when your loved one drinks tea or coffee everyday. You can gift a mug in a special color or theme. Also, you can get a customized mug with custom printing to show your feelings.


Price starts from: Rs.200

22.LED Table Decoration Items

Table decoration items are the need in most homes. If your loved one is fond of decoration pieces, you can give an LED / illuminating table decorating item. Many of them are available for a budget-friendly price nowadays (thanks to modern technology).


Price starts from: Rs.300

23.Wall Clock

Well! Everyone needs a wall clock at home. If you think that a person needs a new wall clock, you can give it to him/her. There are numerous wall clock designs and shapes available these days. Some of them come in multiple pieces that you can spread on the wall.


Price starts from: Rs.250

24.Headphones / Earbuds / In-Earphones

Headphones, earbuds, or in-earphones (hands-free) are also pretty impressive gift ideas. A headphone may cost you more but an earbud or an in-earphone come at a lower price (especially the wired ones). If your loved one likes the music too much, it can be a good option.


Price starts from: Rs.200

25.Greeting Cards

In the end, if you can’t afford any gift, a greeting card can be your savior. You can buy it at an extremely low price and write best wishes for your loved one. Something is better than nothing. Don’t let the special occasion go without gifting as you can write your feelings on the card which may impact more than any other gift.


Price starts from: Rs.50

*The prices of suggested gifts are just for reference. The actual price of items may be lower or higher depending on various factors like quality, brand, etc.


Making occasions memorable doesn’t have to strain our wallets. By being thoughtful and strategic in our choices, we can show our loved ones how much they mean to us without overspending. Let’s prioritize affordable gift ideas that spread love and happiness, ensuring that the economic challenges in Pakistan don’t overshadow our joyful moments.

Have you found the right affordable gifts for your loved ones? Which one is it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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