Stay Cool and Fashionable: Top Summer Dresses for Pakistani Girls

Stay Cool and Fashionable: Top Summer Dresses for Pakistani Girls

Summer is a time for girls in Pakistan to enjoy the warm weather and embrace the latest fashion trends. From vibrant colors to flowy fabrics, there are plenty of options for girls to choose from when it comes to summer dresses. In this blog, we’ll show some of the most popular types of summer dresses for girls in Pakistan.

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez is the most common and traditional outfit in Pakistan. The dress consists of a shirt (Kameez) and loose pants (Shalwar). School going girls, teenagers, married women, and older women, all of them like to wear this traditional dress. They can vary in styles, stuff, etc. You can find them readymade or in unstitched form. Most of them are made of lawn, cotton, linen, etc. Ladies also like to wear a dupatta (scarf) with this dress.


Casual Kurtis

Casual Kurtis are another excellent option for females in Pakistan during the summer season. Kurtis are shorter versions of the traditional Kameez and can be paired with Trouser, Plazo, Capri, etc. for a more modern look. They are available in a wide range of designs and colors that make them suitable for casual gatherings or more informal events. 


A-Line Dress

A-Line shirts are also among the popular choices for ladies in summer. This dress is fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom, creating an A shape. They are available in a variety of fabrics including but not limited to cotton, lawn, linen, chiffon, etc. Trouser and churidar pajamas are most commonly used with A-Line shirts.



Well! Maxi is also a traditional dress suitable for both winter and summer. It is a long and flowy dress that can be made from a variety of fabrics like lawn, cotton, linen, etc. They are available in many different colors and patterns. Due to this, they are a versatile option for any occasion.



Frock dress is more common among kids and young girls. It may not be an everyday dress but can be worn on special occasions and events in summer. These dresses are mostly short and fitted at the top, with a flared skirt that falls around the knee area. Most girls like to wear net or chiffon frocks but lawn and cotton fabrics are also popular for summer frocks. Trousers, churidar pajamas, capri, etc. are commonly worn with frocks.



Kaftan dresses are a comfortable and stylish choice for summer events in Pakistan. They come in loose-fitting and flowy style that make them suitable for hot weather. Their colors, designs, and fabrics have a huge variety. 


Gown Style Shirt

Gown style shirts are a modern take on traditional Pakistani attire. They are a type of clothing that blends the sophistication of a gown with the practicality of a shirt. The length of the shirt can vary from mid-thigh to ankle-length, depending on the design. These dresses are long and flowy, with a fitted top and a flared skirt. Gown style shirts are available in different fabrics. Patiala Salwar, Plazo, Capri, etc. can be worn with them.

Front Open Double Shirt

Front open double shirts are again a blend of traditional and modern attire. As the name suggests, they have a front opening that exposes a double layer of fabric. These dresses feature a long shirt with a slit in the front, revealing an inner shirt underneath. You can find them made of various fabrics. The top layer is mostly made of net. Inners can be of lawn or cotton in the summer. Plazo, trouser, capri, etc. can be used with them.

Angrakha Style Shirt

Angrakha style shirts are a traditional Pakistani attire for girls perfect to be used in summer. These dresses feature a wrap-style top tied at the side, with a flowy skirt that falls just above the ankle. Angrakha style shirts are mostly made of lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or lawn to make them suitable during hot summer.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are a simple yet elegant choice for summer. It is a western styled dress that features a front closure created by wrapping one side of the fabric across the other and tying the fabric at the waist or back. They feature a wrap-style top that is tied at the side, with a flowy skirt that falls just above the knee. Cool fabrics like cotton or lawn are used to make them suitable for summer. A Plazo, capri, trouser, churidar pajama, etc. can be worn with this dress.

Tiered Dress

Tiered dresses are a fun and playful option for summer in Pakistan. These dresses feature multiple layers of fabric that create a tiered effect, giving the dress a playful and whimsical look. They are suitable for casual use as well as for events. Tiered shirts are mostly lengthy so different types of pants can be worn under them. 


Peasant Dress

Peasant dresses are a comfortable and casual option for summer events in Pakistan. These shirts feature a loose-fitting top and a flowy skirt style that can fall above as well as below the knees . They are available in different styles, colors, and fabrics. 

There are plenty of options available in Pakistan when it comes to summer dresses for girls.  Whether you prefer traditional attire or more modern styles, there is something for everyone in this blog. We have listed different options here to help you find the perfect summer dress for any casual or formal use in the summer.

Which dress do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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