Best Inverter ACs in Pakistan (2022)

Best Inverter ACs in Pakistan (2022)

Saving electricity by almost 30-50%, Inverter ACs have been our saviors in the scorching summer heat. 

While there are various technologies that help people cool down the temperature of their home, most people now prefer inverter ACs- soaring electricity prices being the main reason. 

Along with electricity prices, the price of inverter ACs are also rising. At such times, it’s imperative to get the best value for your money.

If you are looking for the best inverter AC in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best 5 inverters AC in Pakistan. 

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1. Kenwood eSmart 1838S

Kenwood eSmart 1838S is a full 5DC inverter based on a T3 compressor. This means that all 5 major components of a DC inverter, including a compressor, outdoor motor, indoor motor, indoor vane motor and electronic expansion valve are based on DC configuration. 

Credit: Kenwood Pakistan

It’s also one of the very few ACs that are based on a T3 compressor, which means it’s rated for efficiently cooling down the room even at 60 degree centigrade. It’s using R410 refrigerant that’s efficient and most common here in Pakistan. Due to being full 5DC and the latest technology, it has a high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 4.0. The installation kit of Kenwood eSmart 1838S is also 100% copper. 

Kenwood ACs have a legacy and these inverter ACs have a huge fan following as well. The only problem people faced previously was the lack of warranty and after-sales. Now, the warranty is as good as any other reliable manufacturer. Kenwood offers 10 years compressor warranty, 1 year part warranty and 2-year circuit board warranty. 

Kenwood is an expensive brand, but it makes excellent DC inverter ACs in Pakistan. The price of Kenwood eSmart 1838S is around Rs.175,000 in Pakistan. You can find brand new, as well as second hand Kenwood eSmart 1838s on OLX Classifieds. 

2. Panasonic Inverter ACCS-UE18WKF-9

Panasonic is another DC inverter AC in Pakistan based on a T3 compressor. It also comes with a 100% copper and gold fin condenser which increases the heat exchange efficiency. All previous generations of Panasonic AC were imported from countries like Malaysia. But now, Panasonic has officially started producing Panasonic inverter ACs in Pakistan. 

Panasonic Inverter ACCS-UE18WKF-9

Credit: Panasonic

Pel now officially handles Panasonic distribution in Pakistan which has solved the after-sale service and warranty problems. 

Panasonic uses R410A refrigerant. It is also capable of throwing 1-meter wide airflow. Not only this, but turbo cooling and shower cooling also effectively increase the cooling efficiency of this inverter AC. 

Since Panasonic now officially sells in Pakistan, service availability is not a problem. Panasonic offers 10 years of compressor warranty, 2 years of circuit board warranty and 1 year of parts warranty. Despite a slightly lower ER rating, Panasonic inverter AC competes head to head with the best in class inverter ACs like Daikin, Kenwood, Gree and O General. 

Panasonic inverter AC ACCS-UE18WKF-9 costs around Rs.137,000 in Pakistan. You can find some new as well as used Panasonic inverter AC on OLX Pakistan. 

3. Gree 18FITH/2W Fairy Inverter AC

Gree is one of the most popular inverter ACs in Pakistan. Excellent product quality, cooling and efficiency explain why it sells like hotcakes. The Gree Fairy inverter series has been a success for the past few years. The 18FITH/2W wifi model stays at the top in the Fairy series. 


This is not a full 5DC inverter like Kenwood eSmart. However, it’s a 4DC inverter with an EER rating of 3.71. More or less, it offers similar cooling as Kenwood eSmart 1838S. Gree Fairy is based on a T1 compressor rated for cooling at around 45-50 degrees centigrade. At extreme temperatures, Kenwood eSmart 1838S lead with its advanced T3 compressor. 

Still, the efficiency and cooling of Gree ACs are unmatched. When installing Gree AC, many users are provided with silver pipes for connecting the indoor and outdoor units. To replace those with a copper one is expensive. 

Gree Fairy series is wifi enabled and the size of the outdoor unit is quite big. By the look of it, it looks more like a 2-ton DC inverter. Other features include a high-speed DSP chipset, wide frequency precise control, accurate temperature controls, computer simulation control, double-layer condenser, high-temperature resistant PCB board, turbo cooling, and fireproof electric box. 

Gree Pakistan officially provides a 10-year warranty on compressors, a 4-year warranty on PCB Chip, a 2-year evaporator/condenser and one-year parts warranty. This covers almost every aspect of an inverter AC and also speaks for the quality of Gree inverter ACs. 

Gree Fairy 18FITH2W costs around Rs.138,500 in Pakistan. Find some more affordable options for Gree Fairy 18FITH2W on OLX Pakistan.

4. Pel 1.5 Ton Turbo Inverter AC 

If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality. Pel 1.5 ton turbo inverter AC is one of the best value for money ACs in the market. Like Gree, it’s based on a T1 compressor setup with an EER rating of 4. 

Credit: Pel Pakistan

Pel slowly made its name in the inverter AC market with its exemplary Pel Jumbo 1.5 ton turbo AC. This year the turbo series has some of the most incredible on paper specs, more or less similar to that of industry-leading Kenwood eSmart 1838S inverter AC. 

PEL turbo inverter comes with many special features, including auto cleaning, removing excessive moisture and air purification through the 3-step filtration process. Pel turbo inverter AC comes with a similar warranty as any other inverter on the list. It gives you 10 years of compressor warranty, 2 years of PCB board warranty and one-year parts warranty. 

Price is a unique feature of Pel turbo 1.5-ton inverter AC. This inverter AC in Pakistan costs around Rs.109,500

5. O General 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 18LFCD

Remember the good old days when General was the only AC brand known for its exceptional cooling and efficiency. Those big, broad and old school ACs are now replaced by more advanced and efficient inverter ACs by O General. If budget is not an issue and you want the absolute best, this AC is for you. 

After Kenwood eSmart 1838s, O General 18LFCD is the only inverter AC on this list to be a full DC inverter AC. General ACs are made in Japan and assembled in Malaysia, which speaks for their excellent quality. 

O General is equipped with advanced airflow technology, V-PAM (a technology to maximize compressor efficiency), high-density multi-path heat exchange, blue fin condenser, high capacity compressor and long piping with fuel efficiency. 

O General 1.5 Ton inverter AC 18LFCD is hands down the best inverter AC in Pakistan. The only downside to this is it only comes with one year of warranty for all parts of the AC. Also, it costs almost twice as much as Pel 1.5 ton turbo inverter AC. It cost Rs.225,000 in Pakistan. 

Which inverter AC do you prefer from the list and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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