The Toyota Crown Car Review

For all car lovers and car enthusiasts, the Toyota Crown is a dream to behold. This majestic car was first introduced into the market in 1995 and is the pioneering vehicle of the Japanese-maker Toyota Motors. With their latest fifteenth generation model, they have introduced additional safety and comfort features that add to its quality. This latest concept was revealed in 2017 at the Tokyo Motor Show. With the entry of the fifteenth generation, some major changes have been observed. The aim is for the customer to have a peaceful and safe experience, where the vehicle is able to detect obstacles and potential collisions and is able to take corrective measures accordingly.

Toyota Crown is a premium luxury sedan that has reigned the roads of Japan for many years. Luxurious interiors and a powerful engine are what make this car stand out and it is a preferred choice for luxury seekers. The name Crown also holds significance and it has been a pioneer for many other car names within the Toyota banner. For example, Camry means “small crown” and Corolla means “little crown”.

The Crown has e-Care driving guidance; a mechanism that ensures the driver remains in touch with a remote operator at all times. Data from the vehicle is directly shared with the remote operator who is able to give appropriate guidance. 

Another fascinating feature is the e-Care Health Check Report that connects the dealership with the operating system monitoring the vehicle. With the help of this feature, the dealership is alerted in real-time on any potential issues in the car, so that there is a minimal inconvenience for the driver. They are also able to recommend whether the driver needs to bring the vehicle in for an inspection or any changes that may be required. 

The mechanism stays in touch with the customer at all times, if the vehicle is in motion and the system detects a fault or error, the operating system can quickly reach out to the customer for assistance. Furthermore, depending on the response it is able to alert relevant authorities. In case of an emergency, if an airbag deployment is detected, the vehicle can immediately alert the emergency response unit.

The vehicle also comes with insurance based on driver’s data, artificial intelligence voice recognition, LINE app with my Car Account, and hybrid navigation. The fifteenth generation Crown is equipped with Toyota Safety 2.0 feature as well. Other added features include Lane Tracing Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection, AHB, RSA, and advance car launch notification function.

The new trim levels for the Japanese market Crown are B, S, G, G Executive, RS-B, RS, and RS Advance. All trim levels are offered with either rear-wheel drive or full-time all-wheel drive. There are three variants currently; 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, 2.5 liters 4 cylinder Hybrid, and 3.5 liter V6 Hybrid.

All trim levels, except the rear-wheel-drive G Executive, can be purchased with the 2.5-liter Hybrid.  The 3.5-liter Hybrid is only installed in the rear-wheel-drive RS Advance and G Executive. The only engine for the 4WD models is a 2.5-liter Hybrid. The fifteenth generation Crown is one of the first Toyota models to be equipped with a DCM (Data Communication Module) system which then links with a Vehicle Control Network: T-connect. 

The Crown is a combination of luxury, comfort, power, and economy. It is a pioneer in the automotive industry, with its modern technology and futuristic features.

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