Suzuki Alto VXR AGS: Suzuki Launches VXR with Automatic Transmission

Suzuki Alto VXR AGS: Suzuki Launches VXR with Automatic Transmission

When Suzuki Pakistan launched the 8th generation Alto, customers had three options; either choose the base VX variant, the VXR variant or the VXL AGS variant. The former two were available in the manual transmission only, while the latter variant came with an automatic transmission.

However, now Suzuki Alto lovers have one more option in the automatic transmission category: VXR AGS. Yes, Suzuki Pakistan has launched a fourth variant and now you can choose between two Altos with automatic transmission. 

Suzuki Alto VXR AGS Price in Pakistan 

The new variant is being sold for Rs.2,120,000 (ex-factory price). The price of Suzuki Alto VXL AGS is Rs.2,223,000. So, there’s a price difference of at least Rs.103,000 between the two. 


Now that you have two automatic variants to choose from, the question you need to ask yourself is, is Rs.103,000 worth saving? Or in other words, should you buy VXR AGS instead of the VXL AGS?

Let’s find out. 


Let’s see some of the differences between the two:

Power Windows
Air Conditioner (AC)
Power Mirrors
Keyless Entry
Touch Screen
Front Speakers 
Rear Speakers
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

As you can see, if you opt for the VXL AGS variant, you get power windows, power side mirrors and the touch screen/navigation system. Are these three worth paying Rs.103,000 more for is something you have to decide yourself. 



However, do remember that Suzuki Alto VXR (Manual) variant is still available and is priced at Rs.1,976,000, which is Rs.144,000 less than its AGS counterpart. So should you pay this much more to upgrade to VXRs automatic variant?

Let’s find out below:

FeaturesVXR ManualVXR AGS (Automatic)
Transmission5-Speed Manual  AGS 
Airbags 2
Hill Hold Control
Air Conditioner (AC)
Front Speakers
Keyless Entry 
Central Door Locks
Power Windows
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Power Steering
Touch Screen

The major difference between the two variants is in the engine and safety features. The absence of ABS in the VXR Manual variant and its availability in the new VXR AGS variant is the most noticeable difference between the two. We believe this feature alone is worth upgrading to the new automatic variant, which is why perhaps Suzuki Pakistan has decided to launch this variant now to boost its dwindling sales.  

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Do let us know which one you would like to buy between VXR MT, VXR AGS and VXL AGS in the comments section below.

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