Rolls Royce Ghost Review: Price | Specs | Features & More

Rolls Royce Ghost Review: Price | Specs | Features & More

Though now owned by BMW, Rolls Royce has always been seen as the most known premium British car. Rolls Royce is one of those cars which is desired by millions but owned by a handful. There’s one more interesting aspect of Rolls Royce owners – they’re mostly, if not all, middle aged men. But what if this luxury par excellence was owned by the millennials? 

Interestingly, you don’t have to see this question as a hypothesis as Rolls Royce Ghost is made for the millennials. It’s loaded with the same level of comfort and premiumness with added unique features considering the needs of the young.

Let’s dive a little deeper and see how this specific model has come to be associated with the millennials. 

Rolls Royce Ghost Exterior

First thing first, the exterior of the 2022 Rolls Royce Ghost is unlike any of its previous generations. The exterior is improved considerably, and the design feels much more modern. The exterior of the car is made from aluminum which is specifically crafted in such a way to replicate a unibody metal design. 


Like all Rolls Royce, Ghost also has a masculine and bold look. The headlights are also revised, making it sleek and more prominent at the same time. A huge grille on the front with embedded LED embosses a bossy and profound look. The Piano Black element on the front bumper’s lower lip adds to this car’s extrinsic beauty. 

There are sharp character lines on the side of Rolls Royce flowing across the length of the car. The deep finish alloy rims start from 19-inches and go all the way up to 21-inch. Considering the size of this car, only the 21-inch alloys can work. Any wheels less than 21-inch feel inappropriate for this car.

A unique feature of the rear doors of Rolls Royce is coach (suicide) doors that open in opposite directions. For this reason, the chrome door handles of the front and rear doors seem connected.  


The rear of the car is wider than ever. At its widest point, this car has a width of approximately 2 meters. A thick chrome grille on the rear establishes a masculine look of the vehicle. The rear lights are larger with chrome lining around them. There are two exhaust holes on the rear having two exhaust pipes on each side, which are real. 

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Rolls Royce Ghost Interior

Everything you see in this car is either wood, leather, chrome or glass. Rolls Royce Ghost packs impressive details with a hand-stitched interior with soft premium plastic and leather. 

A digital speedometer rests in the dashboard with its classic speed dials. There’s yet another display for multimedia loaded with assistive features. However, it only supports Apple car play. 


Below the infotainment display are large metallic AC vents which speak for the quality and attention to detail of this car. There are also manual switches present below the infotainment display for easy access. 

Seats are plush and well-cushioned – paying a fortune for a car earns you this level of luxury. Rolls Royce Ghost is a long and wide car, so the legroom is more than enough. The rear seats do have an armrest and a cool box to chill your drinks in. You also do get two complimentary glasses with the car. 

All four doors are powered by a motor which opens and closes the doors with just a push. A special feature of Rolls Royce is that each rear door has a custom umbrella in it. Not only the doors but the curtains are also powered for maximum privacy. 


Rolls Royce invests heavily in the comfort and ride quality of its cars. Rolls Royce has used over 100kg of sound dampening material in the doors, floor mats and every possible outbreak of exterior noise to provide utmost comfort and luxury. 

Such level of noise cancellation paired with an 18-speaker setup powered by Bespoke Audio system means nothing but extraordinary audio quality. Oh! And the starlight headliner is hard to go unnoticed in a Rolls Royce car. Rolls Royce calls it thousands of LEDs on the roof, and it’s one of the premium features exclusive to Rolls Royce cars. 

Rolls Royce Ghost Specifications & Features

Here is the list of specifications of Rolls Royce Ghost.

SpecificationsRolls Royce Ghost
Length x width x height (mm)5546 x 1980 x 1570
Wheelbase (mm)3465
Ground Clearance (mm)208
Seating Capacity5
Engine Capacity (cc)6750
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)83
HeadlightsProjector LED
Tail lightsLED

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Below are the features of Rolls Royce Ghost: 

FeaturesRolls Royce Ghost
Air suspension
Lane detection
Push start/stop
Alloy wheels
Multi-function steering wheel
Air quality control
Boot light
Rear AC vents
Heated seats
Cool box
Heads up display
Traction control
Lumbar support
Auto brake hold
Hill-start assist
Cruise control
Adaptive cruise control
Brake hold

Engine Performance

Rolls Royce is not made for drag races, it’s built for luxury. However despite weighing around 2.5 tons it won’t disappoint you in terms of sheer power and torque. 


This beast is using a 6.75-litre twin turbocharged V12 engine. This is the same engine Rolls Royce uses in Phantom and Cullinan. This engine produces 563hp and 850 Nm of torque which is plenty for this car. This raw power is matted with an 8-speed automatic transmission to power all four wheels of the car. As a result, Rolls Royce Ghost is a perfect blend of comfort and power. 

Suspension and Handling

Rolls Royce Ghost uses air suspension which is the reason why it feels so smooth. The added sensors on the front, reads the road ahead and adjusts the suspension accordingly for minimum impact of speed bumps and potholes on the road.  In addition, the front axle has independent suspension for each wheel. This makes sure steering stays effective while cornering at high speeds. 


Despite the massive size of this car, the turning radius is actually impressive. This car can steer rear wheels upto some extent which reduces the turning radius to almost half. Turning radius of the Rolls Royce Ghost is 3.4 meters. To put things in perspective, Honda City which is a compact B segment sedan has a turning radius of 5.3 meters. 

As mentioned above, this car weighs apx. 2.5 tons and it’s easy to assume it might be hard to steer. The truth is it’s super convenient to steer due to its best in class power steering and assistance from a 360-degree camera view system. 

Rolls Royce Ghost Variants

Exclusive car manufacturers don’t stuff their car model with multiple variants. They only make a single or sometimes two variants both having best in class features. This is the case here with Rolls Royce Ghost. These are the two Rolls Royce Ghost variants. 

  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase

Both variants are identical in design, features and performance. However, the extended wheelbase variant is even longer than the standard Ghost. 

Rolls Royce Ghost Price in Pakistan

Ghost is actually the cheapest of all RR models. It starts around $343,000 which is roughly 7.2 Crore rupees. This is just a simple conversion of USD to PKR. Of course, when you import this ultra-luxurious car into Pakistan, it will cost you way more than Rs.7.2 crores. 

Due to its exotic price tag and lack of maintenance facilities there are only a handful of Rolls Royce in Pakistan. 

Now that you know a bit more about this “cheapest” RR, do you think it’s suitable for the millennials? Let us know in the comments below. 

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