New United 70 2024 Price in Pakistan, Specs, and Features

New United 70 2024 Price in Pakistan, Specs, and Features

After the recent launch of Honda 70 2024, United has introduced the 2024 model of its 70cc model in Pakistan. Yes! United 70 2024 has been introduced in Pakistan. Many of you might be curious about the United 70 price in Pakistan 2024 and whether it’s just about new stickers or if the company has made substantial improvements. Keep reading, and you will discover the answers.

So, let’s start with the United 70 2024 price in Pakistan.

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United 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

The United 70 for 2024 in Pakistan is Rs.109,500. So, indeed, there is no change in price compared to the 2023 model.

United 70 2024 vs. 2023 (Changes in the New Model)

United 70 2024 has launched with various changes as claimed by the company. So, let’s see if there is are noticeable differences in the new model or not.

  • Better engine cooling with Aluminum Cylinder body (with cast iron sleeve)
  • Modern sticker on fuel tank & side cover set
  • New attractive speedometer
  • Improved chrome on various parts
  • Hardware quality improvements in fuel tank, seat, and axels
  • Improved thickness (1.6mm) of taillight bracket
  • Better control cables
  • Better paint quality
  • Improved materials’ quality (headlight, winkers, handle & throttle grip, and taillight)
  • Better quality rubber parts
  • Improved shocks set (front & rear)

As we can see, the company has listed numerous changes in the new model of United 70. However, the main visible distinction still revolves around the stickers.

United 70 Specs & Features

Here are the specs and features of the new United 70 2024 model:

Engine TypeAir Cooled 4-Stroke OHC Single Cylinder 
Front & BrakeDrum Mechanical
Starting SystemArm Assy Kick
Fuel Tank Capacity8.5L
Engine Oil0.7L
Dry Weight82kg
Tyre Front2.25-17/4PR
Tyre Rear2.50-17/4PR
Battery12 Volt

As you can see, the specs & features of the United 2024 are identical with those of the previous model.

Expectations from United 70 2024 Model

It is important for the company to consider what customers want. So, here are the customers’ expectations from the United 70cc model.

  • A new shape/design
  • New headlight and taillight shape
  • Better ground clearance
  • Electric start option
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Tubeless tires
  • Alloy wheels
  • Better fuel efficiency

United 70 Fuel Average

On average, the United 70 delivers a fuel efficiency of around 50 km/l, based on various customer reviews. However, keep in mind that actual mileage can vary depending on factors like the bike’s age, riding style, road conditions, maintenance, and more. Some riders may even exceed this average while others may fall slightly short due to these factors.


United has been producing its 70cc motorcycle with nearly the same design, making minor alterations to the sticker or tweaking it slightly. People buy it for its reliability, outshining most others (except Honda). Its excellent acceleration and easy maintenance with readily available spare parts add to its appeal. However, It is time for the company to consider a fresh 70cc bike design in Pakistan as the new model doesn’t has much to offer in terms of new shape or features but has got some quality enhancements (as claimed by the company) only.

Would you buy the new United 70 2024 model? Tell us in the comment section below.

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