Big Relief for the Candidates Failed in Driving Test

Big Relief for the Candidates Failed in Driving Test

With the crackdown against individuals without a valid driving license, more people are heading to driving license centers. However, a good number of people fail in the driving test as it’s not a piece of cake. Driving in Pakistan is a survival of the fittest. That being said, it is not a big deal if you failed your driving test once. The failed driving test candidates can now let out a collective sigh of relief as their waiting time has been cut down largely.

Punjab Motor Vehicle Rules: The Recent Upgrade

The government of Punjab has made a relieving amendment to the Punjab Motor Vehicle Rules 1969 as they have reduced the number of days for the re-test. Initially, a road driving test resulting in failure would have the candidate waiting for 42 days before he could take another test. However, as per the recent update, the same individual can give the road-driving test after 15 days only.

Sign Test VS. Road Test

A sign test is easily passable for most but the road test can be difficult. The sign test is only a theoretical test of your memory, whereas the road test is a practical test of your driving skills. Reversing the car is the toughest challenge of all. However, through a bit of practice, you can clear both the tests with ease and get a driving license.


How Do I Take a Driving Test?

This question may linger in your mind when applying for a driver’s license. To answer your questions and clear your confusion, Lahore Traffic Police (LTP) have provided a detailed video guide for you to follow.

Important Tips

Here are some important key points to keep in mind before taking the test:

  • Fasten your seatbelt
  • Adjust your seat accordingly
  • Set the side and rearview mirrors to the most suited angle

Final Takeaway

Although it can be disheartening to fail a test, you need not worry anymore. With the number of waiting days reduced to more than half, the candidates failed in their driving test can try again in only a couple of weeks. Hence, this government decision removes the hurdles faced in the process of obtaining a driving license.

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