Popular Nicknames of Cars in Pakistan

Popular Nicknames of Cars in Pakistan

Sometimes, a nickname becomes more popular than an actual name. It is especially true when we talk about cars in Pakistan. Some cars are known and remembered by their nicknames instead of their actual names.

Interestingly, many people don’t even know their actual names. It can also be said that these cars became famous because of their nicknames. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the popular cars in Pakistan that are still known for their nicknames. 

Mehran The Boss

Suzuki Mehran is among the most popular cars in Pakistan. It ruled over the Pakistani auto industry for a long time. People started it calling “The Boss” after it performed very well under every situation. Unlike its smaller and delicate appearance, it performed where many other cars couldn’t like in heavy rain, bad road conditions, or difficult terrains. So, soon after people realized it, they started it calling “The Boss”.

Civic Dolphin

Many of us still remember the 5th generation Honda Civic as the “Civic Dolphin”. It is due to its long bonnet (a bit curved) that resembles the long face of a dolphin. Even the windshield design looks similar to the dolphin’s head. Interestingly, the 4th gen Lancer was also known as the dolphin in the 1980s. But after the introduction of Civic in 1991, this title remained with it forever.


You can still buy Civic Dolphin for an average price of Rs.500,000 to Rs.600,000. 

Indus Corolla

Although Toyota Corolla was introduced in the 1970s, its local production started in 1993. Locally, the 7th generation Corolla was manufactured. Since there were many imported Corollas in the market, people found an easy way to distinguish between the local and imported Corolla by calling the local Corolla “Indus Corolla”. 


You can still buy the first locally assembled 7th gen Corolla on OLX Pakistan by clicking on “Indus Corolla”.

Carry Dabba

The infamous Suzuki Dabba requires no introduction. How many of us know its real name – Suzuki Bolan? It was introduced in 1979 as the Suzuki Carry. It is called “Dabba” (box) because of its boxlike shape. Even the new Suzuki Bolan with AC is still called dabba because of its old shape.


You can buy Carry Dabba at varying prices on OLX Pakistan.

Anda Charade

Before the introduction of the 3rd generation Daihatsu Charade G100 in 1987, people were not fond of seeing curved shape cars in Pakistan. It was the first time people had a look at the CAD (Computer Aided Designed) car. With its white color and curved roof line, people termed it as “Anda Charade”. This name became popular soon and till now, most people remember it with this nickname. 


You can still buy Anda Charade at an average price of Rs.250,000 to Rs.350,000.

Civic Eagle Eye

We all remember Civic Eagle Eye originally known as the 7th gen Honda Civic facelift. The facelift had sharper and a bit longer headlights than the 7th gen Civic. Due to this, the headlights resembled a lot with the eagle eyes. That is the reason why it is still called Civic Eagle Eye.


You can still buy Civic Eagle Eye at an average price of Rs.1,100,000 to Rs.1,200,000.


Volkswagen Beetle was one of the most popular cars in Pakistan. Volkswagen is the name of a German auto manufacturer. The model is named “Beetle” due to the car’s resemblance with a bug named “beetle”. 

The car doesn’t have any resemblance with the “Fox”. Wondering why this car was given the nickname foxy? Many people pronounced Volkswagen as “faux vagn”. The word “Faux” became “Foxy” in no time. Many people still don’t know its original name, “Volkswagen Beetle”.


You can still buy a Foxy at an average price of Rs.450,000 to Rs.550,000.

They say, perception is sometimes more important than reality. It is the case with these cars, where their nicknames became more known and popular than their real names. 

Do you know of any other car with a popular nickname? Tell us in the comment section below.

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