PAMA Car Sales Report (Dec 2022): Pakistan Auto Industry In The Danger Zone

PAMA Car Sales Report (Dec 2022): Pakistan Auto Industry In The Danger Zone

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Last month we had reported there was hope for the local automobile industry despite some negative sales numbers. This analysis was based on the data provided by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) and news reports based on non-PAMA sales numbers. Though, we had also warned that these numbers include those vehicles which were delivered in the month of November 2022 despite being booked months ago. 

Looking at the latest sales statistics provided by PAMA for the month of December 2022, it’s clear that there is no room for hope for the local automobile industry. Both Year-on-Year (Y-O-Y) and Month-on-Month (M-O-M) sales figures are in the negative for most automobile manufacturers and assemblers in Pakistan. The only exception being Hyundai Tucson with both numbers in the positive. Though Hyundai’s other two models have taken a sales hit, details of which you will find in this blog. 

PAMA Car Sales Report (Dec 2022): Latest Sales Numbers

Let’s take a look at the sales numbers of various auto manufacturers, their popular models with their YOY and MOM sales. Beginning with one of the relatively new entrants. 

Hyundai Elantra

Elantra is one of the hottest-selling mid-size sedans in Pakistan. Though introduced with an older generation, it has still done well in terms of sales. Let’s take a look at its numbers. 

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference

MOM numbers are:

Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Hyundai Sonata


Sonata is a premium sedan in Pakistan, which too has done well in terms of sales. Let’s take a look at its numbers and see whether it is still one of the preferred sedans of many. 

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference

MOM numbers are:

Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Honda City and Civic (All Variants) 

Honda’s two most popular models – City and Civic sales (YOY) numbers are: 

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference

MOM numbers are:

Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Toyota Indus Sales Numbers

Indus Motor Company Limited (IMC) is the maker of some of the most popular cars in Pakistan, including Corolla, Yaris, Fortuner and Hilux.

Let’s take a look at their YOY and MOM sales numbers.

Toyota Corolla & Yaris (All Variants):


Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference


Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Toyota Fortuner & Hilux (All Variants)

Toyota’s flagship utility vehicle, Fortuner is a mid-size SUV. Hilux is a pick-up truck, which is often used as a security vehicle. 

Let’s look at their YOY and MOM sales numbers.

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference
Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Pak Suzuki Sales Numbers

Suzuki is perhaps the most prominent brand in Pakistan with a variety of models and their variants. Suzuki’s Swift, Cultus, Wagon R, Alto and Bolan are the most commonly seen vehicles on the road. Let’s take a look at their YOY and MOM sales numbers.

Suzuki Alto

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference

Alto’s MOM numbers:

Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Suzuki Wagon R

One of the most prominent and popular subcompact cars in Pakistan, Wagon R is the automobile behind the Uber/Careem revolution in Pakistan. Let’s look at its YOY and MOM sales numbers.  

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference
Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

Suzuki Cultus

Cultus’s YOY sales numbers are as follows:

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference


Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference


Another automobile segment which has done really well in terms of sales is the compact SUV category. Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and MG ZS and HS are the front contenders in this segment. Unfortunately, PAMA has not provided sales numbers for Kia and MG; however, Hyundai Tucson sales numbers are available. 

Hyundai Tucson

This compact SUVs YOY sales numbers are:

Dec 2021Dec 2022Difference

Its MOM sales numbers are as follows:

Nov 2022Dec 2022Difference

The Biggest Winners

There are very few winners when we look at Y-O-Y and M-O-M sales. Though if we need to pick four, they’d be: 

  • Hyundai Tucson
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Suzuki Wagon R

The Biggest Losers

Unfortunately, it is much easier to list down losers based on the data listed above.

  • Pak Suzuki Motors
  • Honda Pakistan
  • Toyota Indus

PAMA Car Sales Report (Dec 2022): What to Expect in Future

Despite these dismal sales figures, one shouldn’t lose hope. WIth the easing restriction on the import of CKD kits and declining customs and registration taxes and duties in the country, one can hope the sales numbers will eventually pick up. 

The government has reduced taxes and customs duties to encourage some car assemblers, especially Suzuki, to decrease the prices of their cars. If the prices come down, once can hope that the sales numbers will go up. In addition, with the import of CKD kits, it is hoped that more cars will be assembled, leading to more sales. We had mentioned in our previous blog (listed below) that there is demand for cars in Pakistan despite the fact that people have to wait for months to get their booked cars delivered. 

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