OLX Car Inspection – An Inspection Service Creating Value

Introducing OLX Car Inspection

Imagine yourself buying a used car for yourself or your family. Although the car looks like it is in a pristine condition with a clean exterior and interior, there are factors many people overlook while buying a used car. Such factors can cause disappointment and regret months after buying a car with a bad engine or suspension, for example. OLX Car Inspection ensures that when you buy a used car, you only pay the true value of the car. This is done using a 200-point checklist which gives you a holistic review of the car and helps in negotiating the right price for the car. OLX Car Inspection ensures that when you purchase a used car, you do so with utmost confidence. 

200+ Checkpoints Digital Report

OLX Car Inspection makes sure that the customer gets a thorough inspection of the car and nothing is left behind. This transparency and in-depth inspection is based on more than 200+ checkpoints digital report that ascertain the true health of the used car.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

OLX Car Inspection aspires to bring the standard of car inspection services in Pakistan on an international level. To pursue this end, Car Inspection integrates modern equipment necessary to perform an in-depth inspection of used cars. Such modern equipment makes OLX Car Inspection a highly differentiated inspection service in Pakistan.

Swift Inspection Procedure

OLX Car Inspection inspection takes a total of 30 minutes only, thanks to the modern equipment mentioned earlier and trained staff. After the inspection is performed, it takes only 15 minutes to deliver you the detailed report electronically. Hence, you can make a swift decision whether to buy a particular used car or not.

Value For Money

The main purpose of launching OLX Car Inspection is to create value for money for customers. Car Inspection aspires to make the inspection service accessible to masses through an introductory price of 1500 PKR. Sometimes cars are badly damaged in a car accident and they are repaired in such a manner that people cannot decipher whether the paintjob or other aspects of the exterior are original.

Consider this inspection service as a way to know the true health of the car before you buy it so that you can pay not only the right price but also prepare yourself for potential faults that can arise after you have bought a used car, so schedule your inspection today and make sure what you are paying for a used car is in perfect alignment with its true condition.

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