Number Plate Fees in Karachi Increased by Almost Rs.1000

Number Plate Fees in Karachi Increased by Almost Rs.1000

The most basic bike – Honda CD 70 now costs almost Rs.106,000 in Pakistan. That’s beyond the reach of a common man. On top of that, the cost of bike registration has also increased in Karachi. After the number plate fee increase, bikers have to pay Rs.6,160 extra for bike registration. 

Motor Vehicle Registration Authority Karachi has issued a notification to increase the price of number plates from Rs.500 to 1450. The total breakdown of registration charges is as below. 

Registration ChargesCost (Rs.)
Number Plate fee1450
Smart card750
Registration fee2160
Motor vehicle tax1600

Rising fuel prices are a concern for many, and as people are shifting to bikes as a more affordable option, the cost of owning the bike has increased. This will apply to those as well who never received their number plate in the first place.  

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According to the sources, for the last 15 years, there has been a delay in issuing number plates in Sindh. This simply means there are millions of bikes on the road without official number plates. Not only that, but the bikers also have to pay extra in the market for duplicate number plates. They often get stopped by police for not having the original number plate despite the fact that the government itself fails to provide the number plate. 

Currently, almost 950 bikes get registered every day in Karachi and almost 25,000 a month. We can only imagine the number of bikes on the roads of Karachi without having original number plates. 

Now that the additional charges have been slapped on bikers, we hope that the government fulfills its responsibilities and delivers number plates in a timely manner. What is your say on the increased number plate fee for bikes in Karachi? 

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