MG ZS EV vs MG4 vs SERES 3: A Battle of 3 Chinese EVs in Pakistan

MG ZS EV vs MG4 vs SERES 3: A Battle of 3 Chinese EVs in Pakistan

First came the SUVs, and then came their electric versions. The good thing about choices is that you have a lot to choose from. The bad thing about them is that not always will you know which one to buy. This blog is being written to help you decide among the three leading electric SUVs in Pakistan, namely MG ZS EV, MG4, and SERES 3. We will compare only their top-end variants. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll know which electric SUV would suit you best. Happy reading.

Specs Comparison

Let’s quickly take a look at their body size, wheelbase and ground clearance information to know which electric SUV offers you more.

Length4323 mm4287 mm4385 mm
Width1809 mm1836 mm1850 mm
Height1649 mm1504 mm1650 mm
Seating Capacity555
Wheelbase2585 mm2705 mm2655 mm

As can be seen, a cursory look at the three reveals that they are all almost equally sized. Though there are differences in their dimensions, these are in millimeters and therefore not too significant. All three of them are 5-seater vehicles. However, among the three, MG4 would offer you the best ride on the road due to having a longer wheelbase. 

Engine Specs

So, which of the three has the most powerful motor and offers you more mileage on a single charge, etc.? Let’s find out.

Power 154 hp201 hp161 hp
Capacity72.6 kWh64.0 kWh49.3 kWh
Range505 km450 km400 km
Max Speed180 km/h160 km/h155 km/h
Charging Time8 hours9 hours8 hours

An electric vehicle is all about its engine, and it is in this department that you will find the clear difference between the three. If battery power matters to you, then look at the MG4 stats. However, the MG ZS EV will offer you the most in terms of mileage. Charging time is pretty much the same among the three. All in all, in this comparison, the SERES 3 falls behind the other two MG models.

Which of the Three is the Safest?

Of course, you wouldn’t just buy an EV because it is the prettiest and offers you the most mileage; you would want a safe-to-drive EV. So, let’s see which of the three offers the most safety features.

ISOFIX Anchors
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
Brake Assist (BA)
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Downhill Assist Control
Hill Start Assist Control
Traction Control
Event Data Recorder
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

It is worth reminding our readers that this is not an exhaustive list of safety features. 

Exterior & Interior Features

Now, let’s try to find out the exterior and interior offerings of the three, before we tell you their price difference. 

Alloy Wheels
Adjustable Headlights
Fog Lights
USB and Auxiliary Cable
Display Size10.1”10.25”10.25”
Heated Seats
Air Purifier
Cruise Control

Once again, this is not a complete list of the features offered in these vehicles. If you want to know them in detail, you will need to read our blogs, the links to which will be provided towards the end of this blog. 

MG ZS EV vs MG4 vs SERES 3: Price Difference

Hopefully, by now, you’d have a fairly good idea of the three electric SUVs. In the end, let’s discuss their prices and figure out which one is the most and least expensive among them.

  • MG ZS EV – Rs.14,999,000  
  • MG4 – Rs.12,990,000
  • SERES 3 – Rs.11,799,000

Now that you know the specs and features of these vehicles, do you think this price difference is justified? Also, if you were to buy one of the three, which one would you choose to purchase? If you are interested in knowing the prices of new or used electric cars in Pakistan, do check out OLX Pakistan’s listings.  

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