How to Pay E-Challan Through JazzCash

The Punjab Police recently introduced E-Challans and e-payment options for the ease of the public. By using the digital space for these services, not only does it save time but the government can also ensure citizens’ safety in light of the pandemic. Initially, citizens had to print out the challan form and then physically go to the bank in order to pay this challan.

However, now citizens can generate a special ID online and use this ID to complete their payments online. All banks that are available on one link accept these payments and citizens can either go to the bank or go to the atm or even pay via online internet banking. The other two options that citizens can avail themselves of are payments via JazzCash or EasyPaisa. Let’s have a look at how the challan can be paid via JazzCash:

  • First, generate the PSID (Payment Slip ID) by going onto the e-pay portal and entering your CNIC and car number
  • You will receive an auto-generated 17-digit ID via text message
  • Next log into the JazzCash app
  • Select the “View All” option 
  • Under the “Government Payments” banner you will see the “Tax Payment” icon, click on this icon
  • A drop-down menu will appear from which you can select “GOP Excise and Taxation”
  • In the next box enter the PSID number
  • Once these details are entered a page will appear with all details of the challan such as the payment amount, the due date and PSID
  • By clicking enter the challan will be automatically paid and you are done

This is a fairly simple and quick process and surely makes paying challans a comfortable experience. Read more about how to generate an E-Challan online over here.

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