Step-by-step Guide to Get Permanent Driving License in Islamabad

Step-by-step Guide to Get Permanent Driving License in Islamabad

Want to drive freely and legally? Getting a driving license is essential for this purpose. In Islamabad, getting a driving license is quite easy. You have to bring some required documents and follow easy steps in this regard. But before you apply for a permanent driving license, you have to obtain a learner driving license in Islamabad. If you already have it and want to apply for a permanent driving license in Islamabad, this blog contains most of the required information.

Let’s start with the requirements

Islamabad Driving License Requirements

  • Original CNIC
  • CNIC Photocopy
  • Learner Permit (at least 42 days old)

Procedure to Get a Permanent Driving License in Islamabad

Check out the steps to get a driving license in Islamabad.

Procedure to Get a Motorcycle and Car Driving License

  • Get a token from QMS by showing your ID card and wait for your turn in the one-window hall
  • Upon your number, go to the counter where your fingerprints and photo will be taken.
  • Get the test form and attach the learner permit and CNIC photocopy to it.
  • Candidates who want to give a theory test (road sign test) on a touch screen will go to the Theory Touch Screen Test Room.
  • Theory test via touchscreen
  • To get a permanent license, candidates can give a theory test on a touch screen.
  • Touch screen time is 4 minutes.
  • The candidate will have to give answers to 10 questions (10 marks for each question & 100 total).
  • Passing marks are 70 (7 correct answers)
  • If a candidate wants to give a manual theory test, he/she can do so.
  • Upon passing the test, the candidate will go to the theme park to give a driving test.
  • Submit the form to the licensing inspector’s office after clearing the driving test.
  • Here, you will get a driving license number slip printed with the date of receiving your driving license. Collect the license on the printed date from the delivery counter.

Procedure to Get an LTV/HTV Driving License

  • Original CNIC (with the permanent or temporary address of Islamabad)
  • CNIC Photocopy
  • PSV can be obtained after 1 year of issuance of LTV/HTV. (Bring driving license copy in case of PSV)
  • Fingerprints of all fingers of both hands are required (PSV driving license)
  • The candidate has to visit the DSP legal branch (F-8 markaz). Here, the head proficient will take the fingerprints and send them to FIA headquarters for verification. After some days, the DSP legal branch will receive the verification report from FIA. Take this report with you.
  • When you have all the documents, come to reception and get a token after showing the original CNIC. Now go to one window hall and wait for your turn.
  • Upon your number, go to the counter where your fingerprints and photo will be taken.
  • PSV driving license test is taken on every Tuesday and Thursday at headquarters near Murree Road opposite Rawal Dam Chowk near Faizabad.
  • Firstly, the candidate will give a road sign test.
  • After passing it, the candidate will give a driving test.
  • The successful candidates will come back to the Traffic office (F-8) on the specified date. 
  • Now, take your file to room 8 and submit it to the office of inspector licensing. 
  • You will get a driving license number slip on which the date of collection (license) will be printed. Get your driving license from the delivery counter on the printed date.


  • The driving license is issued for 5 years.
  • All applicants visiting Police Khidmat Markaz F-6 or ITP HQs F-8, for any of the services, can either come as a walk-in through a queue matic token system or book an appointment.
  • A limited number of appointments are offered each day. If you are unable to book an appointment, you can get services through a walk-in token system on a first come first serve basis.
  • New Appointment Slots Open every day (Except Weekends and Public Holidays).

Islamabad License Fee

Let’s see the fees to get an Islamabad driving license.

  • Non-Professional License: Rs.1,800
  • Professional License (Single Category): Rs.1,800
  • Professional License (Motorcycle + LTV/HTV or PSV): Rs.2,100

Note: All dues/fees must be paid to the National Bank branch inside the traffic office.

Islamabad Driving License Verification

You can verify the Islamabad driving license by visiting the official website of Islamabad Traffic Police.


That’s it! You know how to get an Islamabad driving license now. You may book an appointment online or choose a walk-in method. Follow all the procedures and gather the required documents to get the license to legally drive your vehicle on the roads.

Do you have any questions regarding the process? Ask us in the comment section below.

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