Rolling Into 2024: What’s New in the Honda Pridor 2024 Model?

Rolling Into 2024: What's New in the Honda Pridor 2024 Model?

Exciting news, everyone! Honda has just unveiled the 2024 edition of its popular 100cc bike – the Pridor. But before you get too carried away, here’s the big reveal… drumroll, please! The only change this time around is a fresh set of stickers. That’s right, in 2024, Honda is still giving us something new with a simple sticker redesign.

Now, you must be curious about the Honda Pridor price in Pakistan for 2024, aren’t you? Well, we’ll get to that in a moment, along with what fans were hoping to see in their favorite 100cc ride.

No more wait – let’s see the details of specs and features!

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Honda Pridor 2024 Specs & Features

Wondering what’s different in the latest Honda bike? Let’s put your curiosity to rest! Here are the specs and features of the Honda Pridor.

Engine97.1 4-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 49.5 mm
Starter SystemKick Starter
Transmission4-Speed Constant Mesh
Dimension(LxWxH)1986 x 718 x 1050 mm
Wheelbase1226 mm
Seat Height798 mm
Ground Clearance156 mm
Dry Weight96 Kg
Fuel Tank9.7 Liters (Reserve: 1.5 Liters)
Tyre Front2.75 – 18 (4 PR)
Tyre Rear2.75 – 18 (6 PR)
ColorsRed, Black, Blue

Disappointingly, the specs and features of the new Honda Pridor hardly show any change. For those eagerly anticipating something new, this might be a letdown. Now, let’s shift gears and check out the price tag for the 2024 model of the Honda Pridor.

Honda Pridor 2024 Price in Pakistan

The Honda Pridor 2024 model comes with a price tag of Rs.208,900. With such an investment, customers naturally have high expectations. Let’s see some of the most common expectations customers have for this bike.


Honda Pridor 2024 Model: Customers’ Expectations

Now, let’s discuss the expectations of customers from the Honda Pridor 2024 in Pakistan. 

Modification in the Fuel Tank Design

Its 2024 and the fuel tank of Honda Pridor still looks  quite old-fashioned. It costs over 2 lac rupees nowadays. So, its fuel tank and side cover design must be modified now to give a modern look.

New Headlight

Although the headlight of Pridor is better than the Honda CG 125 & CD 70, but its design has not been modified for a long time. The company could have introduced a new headlight design. 

Front Disc Brake

Pridor still comes with drum brakes (which are better than CD 70). But if you are selling a bike with a price over 2 lacs, the customers expect more than that. It is a 100cc motorcycle so its braking needs to be better as well. Disc brakes are what many customers would be happy to see in it.

Fuel Indicator

Fuel indicator has become an essential part of modern bikes. At the price this 100cc bike is introduced, the company can introduce at least a fuel indicator in it.

Quality Improvements

Many people are satisfied with Pridor’s comfort. However, some of them complain about its seat which is a bit hard. The company can make it softer to enhance its comfort by using a better quality cushioning. 


You will find many people complaining about the color quality of the latest Honda bikes as compared to the decade-old bikes of the company. It shows that with time, the color quality has decreased. So, the company needs to pay attention to upgrading the quality instead  of reducing it for cost cutting. 

Also, the welding marks reduce the overall appeal of the bike. The companies are charging huge amounts for bikes now so they should also give quality products in return.

Modified Grab Rail

Many customers complain that the carrier rack design of the Pridor is still old-fashioned. The company should focus on redesigning to give it a modern touch.

Alloy Rims

For a 100cc bike pricing over 2 lakhs, the demand for alloy rims is genuine. Honda Pridor doesn’t come with alloy rims which many people want in it. The company should introduce its alloy rim variant to cater for the needs of those customers if it cannot introduce it in the same  variant.

RPM Meter

There are 2 sections in its instrument cluster. 1 has a speedometer and the other doesn’t contain any instrument. Honda can at least give RPM meter in it keeping in mind its high price.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the Honda Pridor holds its ground as one of the most popular 100cc bikes in Pakistan. Anticipation ran high for the 2024 model, but the lack of significant changes might leave many disappointed. Companies should grasp that a new model isn’t just about fresh stickers; customers are hoping for substantial improvements. We have outlined the expectations customers had for the Honda Pridor 2024 model. 

What are your thoughts on the newly launched Honda Pridor 2024 model? Share with us in the comment section below.

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