A Glimpse Into Honda CD 70’s Upgrades!

A Glimpse Into Honda CD 70's Upgrades!

Have you heard the buzz? Honda CD 70 just got a shiny set of upgrades, and the internet is buzzing with excitement! Atlas Honda hit up their social media to unveil the new and improved CD 70. But let’s be real, whenever a fresh Honda 70 model drops, we all hold our breath for some serious changes, only to be let down. So, are these upgrades the real deal? Let’s find out!

So, according to Atlas Honda’s latest post, they’re calling this upgrade the “Race Cone Set.” Sounds cool, right? It promises upgraded materials, better handling, extra comfort, and a smooth ride.

Photos Credits: Atlas Honda Facebook Page

But here’s the thing – they haven’t revealed what exactly they’ve tinkered with. What materials got the upgrade treatment? How did they tweak the handling? And what’s making that ride so smooth? Your guess is as good as ours for now as no information regarding these questions at the moment.

Sure, these upgrades sound promising, but let’s face it – many of us were hoping for some real, and noticeable improvements. Read more about what could’ve been introduced in the Honda CD 70 2024 model?

It’s become a bit of a trend for bike manufacturers to slap on minor tweaks and call it a day. But let’s be honest – the quality of bikes these days is a bit of a mixed bag. Some people say they are not what they used to be in terms of quality. 

So, what’s next? Well, it’s time for this cycle of minor tweaks to come to an end. We are hopeful that Atlas Honda hears our voices. It’s about time they introduce some genuine innovation in the next Honda 70, set to roll out in 2025.

Now, when it comes to bikes, Honda’s the undisputed king in Pakistan. Their sales tower over the competition, making it a dominant force in the two-wheeler game. But with great power comes great responsibility, right? It’s time for Honda to lead the way in innovation and change the tradition which most of the bike manufacturers are following.

Would you buy the Honda CD 70 with these changes? What improvements do you hope to see in the upcoming Honda CD 70? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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