Free Women-Only Pink Bus Service Launched in Pakistan

Free Women-Only Pink Bus Service Launched in Pakistan

Great news for women as Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) government has started free of cost Pink Bus Service in the province. GB Chief Minister Khalid Khursheed has inaugurated this bus service that will cover 4 important routes in GB and Skardu. Let’s see some details about the routes and timings.

The timings for the Pink Bus service will be as follows:

  • 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM 
  • 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Pink Bus Service Routes

The route plan is already finalized and the buses will operate on the below-listed routes from today (5-Oct-2022). 

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It is important to note that the Pink Bus service (women-only) was first introduced in Lahore in Jan-2012. It was suspended soon after the launch in November 2012 due to a lack of public interest. However, it is the first time a “free of cost” women-only bus service is launched in Pakistan. Another great thing is that the government has ordered the traffic police to facilitate the Pink Buses on the road.

Professional women and students are going to benefit the most from this service. The government also plans to expand this service to further areas of Gilgit Baltistan. 

What are your thoughts on the service? Should it be launched in every major city in Pakistan free of cost? Share your opinion in the comment section below. 

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