DIY – How to remove minor paint scratches

DIY - How to remove minor paint scratches

No matter how careful you are with your car, scratches are inevitable. With the passage of time, swirls, minor scratches and big gashes will appear on your car. For major scratches, you might have to take the car to a workshop. However, minor paint scratches can easily be fixed using the following DIY methods for treatment of minor scratches at home.

If you wonder how a scratch qualifies as a minor scratch, Let’s clear the air first. 

What are minor scratches?

A minor scratch means that the scratch has only damaged the base coat of the paint. The primer is unaffected, so there is no need for a paint job. Some basic and quick fixes can make it look brand new. An easy benchmark for a scratch to be called minor is rubbing your nail over the scratch. 


If you feel friction, it’s deep enough to require a paint job. In such a case, it’s preferred to take your car to a body shop. If your nail moves over the scratch smoothly, the groove isn’t deep enough. In such a case, the quick fixes we have mentioned below will make it look new. 

How to remove scratches from a car?

Now that you have identified the minor scratches. You can begin working on removing them. Below are the methods you can use to treat minor scratches on your car.


Method 1: Toothpaste for minor scratches

Toothpaste acts as a filler for minor scratches. Any toothpaste will do the job; however, using whitening toothpaste can be a better option. It can quickly fill in shallow scratches on the surface of your car. Let’s start with a step by step guide. 

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and clean the surface. Make sure there is no dust on the surface. Or else it will leave more marks. Wash the car’s surface with car soap and dry the surface with a microfibre towel. 

Step 2: Have a damp microfiber cloth and apply the required amount of toothpaste according to the size of the scratch. Gently rub over the gash in circular and linear motion. Keep buffing until the surface looks dull, and the toothpaste is completely buffed onto the car’s surface. Make sure to apply some pressure as it will help absorb the paste into the gaps. 

before-and-after-scratch treatment

Step 3: Spray the area with a hose and dry it using a microfibre towel. Depending on the scratched surface, you may need to repeat the process 2-3 times. 

Method 2: Using a scratch remover product to remove fine scratches from car

If you find some scratches more noticeable, they might need more attention with specialized scratch remover products. Scratch remover products can be purchased from OLX Pakistan.  These often come in a kit of scratch remover products and application pads or microfibre towels. Once purchased, here is how to apply it. 


Step 1: Start by washing the scratched area so that there is no dust or grains left behind. Use a car soap to wash the scratched surface. Then dry it using a microfibre towel. 

Step 2: Apply required amount of scratch remover product on the specified area. The best way to apply these products is to evenly distribute the product on the buff pad or microfiber. Let it soak the surface of the applier so the results are also even. 

Step 3: Work on the scratch in circular or linear motion. Either direction you choose, stick to it till the completion of the process. Applying light pressure when buffing can help. 


Step 4: Now wipe away any residual product on the surface of the scratch. Follow the same motion you used to apply the product. If there are any scratches left, repeat the process to make sure the scratches are gone. 

For a car guy, scratches on a car are identical to bruises on the heart. Try the above mentioned DIY paint scratch removal tips to make your car look fresh again. 

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