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Civic Vs. Stonic 2022| Specs | Features | Price in Pakistan 

Civic Vs. Stonic 2022| Specs | Features | Price in Pakistan 

KIA Sportage sale numbers in Pakistan are enough to encourage KIA Lucky Motors to keep introducing new vehicles in the local market. Unsurprisingly, KIA is ready to offer a subcompact crossover SUV in the local market. Stonic may look like a small vehicle in the pictures, but it is actually bigger than what it looks in the pictures. KIA Stonic enters the market with a price competing Honda Civic. The last time we saw a compact SUV at the price of a sedan, it sold like hot cakes. Therefore, there is a reason why we are doing a comparison between a compact SUV and a sedan.

Overview: South Korean vs. Japanese Technology

KIA is a South Korean auto manufacturer that has become one of the biggest-selling car brands in Pakistan. Last year, KIA released its KIA Stonic 2021 on 8th November in Pakistan. This was the first car to be delivered on a short notice of 21 days. KIA Stonic’s price in Pakistan equals the price of sedans like Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. However, people are interested in this SUV due to its youthful looks and modern features.

Honda is a Japanese manufacturer that has been around in Pakistan for as long as we can remember. Civic is one of the star products of Honda. Despite a drop in quality, Civic X sells like hotcakes. The excellent road presence of the car, sporty profile, and performance contributes to it being one of the most successful sedans in Pakistan. 

Since both are competitively priced, this leaves us wondering which car will get you more for your money. Let’s find out.

Exterior: A sporty sedan vs. a compact crossover

KIA Stonic has a stylish outlook attracting younger motorists. This SUV has KIAs signature tiger nose grille on the front, along with LED headlights with DRL function. The regular Ex variant comes with projection lights instead of LEDs. Design tweaks like the front and back silver skid plates make it look big. There are roof rails at the top with black panels across the lower side of the car. 

The taillights are also LED with a high-mounted brake lamp. You get regular 15-inch Alloy wheels for EX variant while the more premium EX+ comes with 16-inch Alloy wheels. 

One of the bestselling features of the Civic is its sporty look. With a wide and lean body, aggressive curves, and ergonomics, Civic X is easily one of the favorite cars of many. Huge LED lights with elegant DRLs give it a bulkier and meaner look. The side profile also has strong character lines with 16-inch Alloy wheels. The rear is pretty much the same as the pre-facelift models with big curved back lights adding to an already aggressive car. 

Now let’s compare the specifications of Honda Civic 2022 and KIA Stonic. 

SpecsCivicKIA Stonic
Wheelbase (mm)27002580
Length × Width × Height (mm)4630 ×  1799 ×  1433     4140 × 1760 ×1500
Seating Capacity55
Fuel Tank Capacity (litre)4745
Kerb Weight (kg)1273
BrakesVentilated Disc on front and rearFront: Ventilated DiscRear :  Solid Disc
HeadlightsLEDEx   : HalogenEx+ : LED
Rear LightsLEDEx   : HalogenEx+ : LED

For an in-depth comparison you can look at the official specs of both KIA Stonic and Honda Civic. Let’s have a look at KIA first.

Now let’s have a look at the Specification of Civic 2022

Interior: Ergonomics vs. Features

KIA Stonic excels in both interior and exterior features. Not sure the same can be said of the Civic. A triple-tone interior with off-white, black, and yellow colors in the Ex+ variant feels lively. The steering wheel reminds one of KIA Sportage with integrated controls for cruise control, multimedia, navigation, and telephone calls. The speedometer is still analog and is exactly like Sportage. It has a TFT screen for necessary information like fuel average, mileage, and trip functions.  

KIA Stonic has an 8-inch floating display with wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto, digital climate control, 6-speaker system with impressive audio quality, USB ports for front and back passengers, center arm-rest, cup holders, and plenty of storage options.  Stonic Ex+ comes with a sunroof option. This option is unavailable in the regular Ex version. The rear seats are spacious and foldable with a 60-40 split, resulting in a decent amount of luggage space. Originally the boot space of KIA Stonic 2022 was 352 liters. 

On the other hand, Civic feels much sportier with a digital speedometer, dual-zone climate controls, multimedia steering, and a slightly smaller 7-inch infotainment display than KIA Stonic. The cabin feels very stylish with curves and grooves everywhere from the dashboard to the door handles. The seats are comfortable with enough room to hold three people comfortably. Civic does come with rear AC vents, which is excellent. The larger dimensions of the Civic allow for a larger boot space of 427 liters. 

Engine and Transmission: KIA Stonic vs. Honda Civic, which performs better?

KIA Stonic comes equipped with a 1.4 Litre naturally aspirated engine. It produces a decent 100hp and 133 Nm of torque. This, coupled with a 6-speed Tiptronic transmission works well on most terrains. Though the smaller engine may feel underpowered when fully loaded.

Civic doesn’t compromise on performance. Its 1.8 Litre engine produces 138 hp and 169 Nm of torque. These power figures jump to 170 hp and 220 Nm for the Civic 1.5L turbo. Civic comes with a CVT gearbox that is way smoother than the KIA Stonic automatic transmission. Civic engine performance combined with its power delivery outperforms KIA Stonic. 

Stonic vs. Civic: Which one is more comfortable?

KIA Stonic comes with a front McPherson strut and rear Multi-link suspension. It crosses over speed bumps smoothly. Generally, a vehicle having a ground clearance of 215mm is considered pretty good. However, Stonic’s ground clearance is 165 mm. However, it is still better than Civic’s. 

Civic also has a similar suspension setup with McPherson in the front and Multi-link in the rear. However, it is tuned to remain on the stiffer side, making bumps feel harsher. However, the handling is excellent due to stiff suspension and lower ground clearance of 153mm. 

Who has more features? KIA Stonic or Honda Civic?

Both cars are packed with features. The following are common in both: 

  • Traction Control
  • Hill Assist
  • Cruise Control

However, KIA Stonic leads with extra features like 6-airbags rather than two standard airbags in Civic. And a quality 6- speaker audio setup, rear parking sensors, Tire Pressure Monitoring System ( TPMS), and artificial leather seats for the Ex+ variant. 

Here is a detailed list of features of KIA Stonic:

Checkout detailed features of Honda Civic 2022 below:

Honda Civic vs KIA Stonic price in Pakistan 2022

KIA Stonic comes in two variants, Ex and Ex+. The KIA Stonic in Pakistan 2022 is very similar to the 1.8 Civic Oriel. Considering its smaller, under-performing engine, this car seems overpriced. However, what it lacks in performance, it makes up for in terms of features availability. 

Here is the price of KIA Stonic 2022 in Pakistan,

KIA Stonic EXRs.3,750,000
KIA Stonic EX+Rs.3,975,000

Now let’s look at the Honda Civic 2022 price in Pakistan,

Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVTRs. 4,079,000
Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT Rs. 4,366,000
1.5 RS Turbo Rs.5,175,000

What do we think of KIA Stonic vs. Honda Civic

KIA Stonic and Honda Civic, a subcompact crossover SUV and a sedan were compared because their prices are similar. Judging the two, we believe, KIA Stonic is overpriced despite offering superior features. And while Civic is priced slightly higher than Stonic, it has all the features you would want from a sedan. With Civic, you get more bang for your buck. 

Let us know what you think of this comparison. Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below.

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