Car Odometer Warning Signs and What Do They Tell About Your Car?

Car Odometer Warning Signs and What Do They Tell About Your Car?

Whenever starting your car, you see an array of signs appearing on the dashboard – an odometer to be specific. Not every sign that appears on the dashboard is an emergency or warning sign. It is important to differentiate between normal and emergency warning signs.  

Understand the warning signs and what they indicate is essential for everyone. We all see signs in our daily life. Do you want to know what they say about your car? Let’s find out in this blog. 

1. Check Engine Light

Check engine light means there is something wrong with your car’s engine. Most of the time, you won’t even feel a change in driving. Even if it feels completely fine, you need to get your car checked. You wouldn’t want to damage your engine as it’s the most important part and also one of the most expensive ones to repair. 


Check engine light doesn’t only mean that there’s a problem with your engine. There can be many reasons, one of which is a faulty sensor or some minor issue. So, get it fixed before it gets critical.

2. Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil pressure light means there is something wrong with your car’s engine oil pressure system. This warning mostly indicates that the oil pressure has dropped to a low level. It may be due to a faulty oil pump, leakage in the oil system, low oil level, or many other reasons.


Oil pressure is responsible for circulating engine oil across the engine chamber for smooth combustion. If oil pressure drops, it might damage the engine. So, it is a critical warning light you should never ignore.

3. Brake Warning Light

Many of you only know this sign as a handbrake warning. Brake system warning light is actually for a greater purpose. This warning sign will appear on the dashboard if there’s anything wrong with the braking system. 


In such cases, avoid driving the car as it may lead to serious issues like brake failure. Get your car to the nearest service station to get it repaired.

4. Battery Light

Battery charge warning light means there’s something wrong with the charging mechanism of the battery. There may be multiple factors like the battery is malfunctioning, it has insufficient charge or there might be an issue with the alternator (charger). 


5. Temperature Warning Light

We all know what this sign means. It means that your car is overheating and you need to cool it down immediately. Due to extreme temperatures in summers, many old cars overheat due to weaker and older radiator systems. 


Whenever this sign pops up, park your car on the side of the road immediately. And let it cool. Read what to do when your car heats up for more information. 

6. Low Fuel Warning Light

This sign is self-explanatory as it shows that your vehicle is running low on fuel and it is time to refuel your car. Usually, this warning sign only appears once the fuel gauge shows there is no fuel. And the car is using reserve fuel. 

It’s not advisable to use reserve fuel because it has all the impurities like rust, dust, and toxins. 

7. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning

TPMS is a popular feature in modern crossovers and sedans. It’s responsible for measuring the tyre pressures. If the pressure of your tyre gets below the safe limits, this sign appears.

Tyre-Pressure-Monitoring-System (TPMS)-Warning

In case your tire gets punctured, you can replace it with a spare wheel. If the pressure gets low, usually these cars have an air compressor to fill pressurized air into the tire. You can buy an air compressor if you don’t have any in the car.

8. Traction Control Warning

If your car has traction control, this sign might concern you. Usually, if the car is showing a traction control sign, this means that traction is turned off either by the car’s electrical system or manually. Traction should be on all the time for the maximum grip of the car. If your car doesn’t have a manual traction control option, take your car to a garage to get it fixed. 


9. Door/Bonet/Boot Warning

If the boot,door or bonnet isn’t closed properly you might see this sign. For the safety of your friends and family, make sure to close all the doors, bonnet, and boot properly. 


These are all the major car warning lights you see in your daily drive. Now you know what each sign means. Don’t ignore any of the above-mentioned warnings as a little negligence can be fatal. Immediately get your car checked in case you see a critical warning sign.

Is there any other critical car warning sign you know? Let us know in the comments below. 

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