7 Tips for Child Car Safety: What Every Parent Should Know

7 Tips for Child Car Safety: What Every Parent Should Know

When traveling in a car with a child, you ought to be extra cautious. Handling a fragile infant or a mischievous toddler while on the road can be a difficult task. Therefore, ensuring the child’s safety is a top priority for every parent to reduce the potential risks while on the road. Here are some essential tips to keep in your mind for car safety for kids. 

1. Find The Appropriate Baby Car Seat

In Pakistan, the most commonly seen trend is to carry your child in the lap on the front seat. However, if you want to ensure your child’s safety, this is not the best practice. The better precaution is to fix them in a baby car seat in the back away from the airbags. 

Choose a car seat which is appropriate according to their age, weight and height. Sitting in the back seat is the safest option for your child as it reduces the risk of getting injured during a collision. Moreover, make sure that the car seat is properly installed and its direction and angle are correct according to the safety standards.

Here are some guidelines to follow to safeguard your kids during travel:

  • Infants (0-2 years): It is advised not to use booster seats for your infants. Instead, use rear-facing car seats in the back seat as this position provides protection for their neck and spine.
  • Toddlers (2-4 years): Forward-facing car seats in the back seat with a fitted harness across their chest and shoulders are best for your toddlers to save them from jolts upon sudden stops.
  • Young Children (4-12 years): Until the car seat belts fit your child correctly, use booster seats in the back for them to reduce injury risks in case of an accident.

2. Fasten The Seat Belt 

If your children have outgrown booster seats, make it a practice to properly buckle them up using the seat belt. It is even better if you teach them to fasten their seat belts up every time they ride to make them responsible from a young age. Also, avoid twisting the seat belt or placing it under their arm. Lastly, make sure the seat belt is not loose and has a tight grip around your child. 

3. Lock The Car Doors

Another important precaution to take is to responsibly lock all the car doors the minute you sit in the vehicle with your kid. Deliberately or not, it can be extremely easy for your child to reach the door handle and swing the door open. 

For extra safety, use the child safety lock on the rear doors as well. Furthermore, always keep the car trunks locked to prevent children from accidentally getting trapped inside. 

4. Inspect Your Car Regularly

When your child is involved in the picture, you do not give room to any negligence which could put their safety at risk. Thus, you should check your car regularly to ensure the proper functioning of seat belts, air bags, or child safety locks. Ensure car seats and booster seats are securely installed and replace them if they have been involved in a crash.

For a professional opinion, you may also consider booking OLX Car Inspection.

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5. Never Leave Your Child Unattended in The Car

Even if it is just for a few minutes to run an errand or to fetch something, never leave your child unattended in a parked car. Temperatures inside a car can rise quickly which may lead to a heat stroke or other safety dangers.

To lessen the rising temperatures inside the running car, you can buy car shades for the car at OLX.

Apart from that, stranger danger can knock aloud on the car door if you leave your child in the car alone. Therefore, make it a habit to take your child along with you wherever you go and check the back seat before locking the car.

6. Teach Your Child About Car Safety

From a young age, educate your child about the importance of child car safety. Children are smart creatures, if you teach them patiently, they listen and learn. Teach them to maintain their distance from other cars while playing or walking on the road and emphasize on the importance of staying seated and wearing seat belts when the car is being driven.

7. Prepare for Emergencies

Lastly, carrying a first aid box with you while traveling with your child is necessary. Keep emergency contact numbers and necessary supplies handy at all times including ointments, bandages, and pain killers in case an unexpected situation arises.


In conclusion, parents can enhance the child car safety for their kid while traveling by adhering to these tips. As parents, understanding the need of safety gadgets and safety tips for your child in the car not only benefits your family, but creates a secure environment for others living in the same community as well.

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