6 Ways to Protect Your Car in Rainy Season

6 Ways to Protect Your Car in Rainy Season

Rain is a blessing for sure, more so when you are living in one of the most polluted countries. While the rain shower washes away the dirt, grime, pollutants and other harmful substances from the environment, it also raises the cost of your car maintenance.

Believe it or not, rainwater is not necessarily good for your car. We have therefore compiled a list of ways you can protect your car on a rainy day.

Don’t let your car stay wet for a long time

It could prove harmful to the paint of your car. Always try to wash the car after driving it in the rain and dry it off. Also, if you can, apply wax polish to your car, which will add an extra layer of protective coating between your car’s paint and the rain.

Keep the openings watertight

Always make sure, water doesn’t come inside your car through any leaks or worn off rubber linings. Check and repair them before the rainy season arrives as you will have to deal with rain almost daily. Also, use corrosion protection spray on rusty metal parts of the car. To be extra careful you can lubricate the door hinges to keep the moist out.

Wash your car more often

Rain water never washes your car; it damages it. Rain droplets carrying dirt particles and dirty water from wet and muddy roads, can cause serious harm to your car’s exterior over a period of time. Therefore, do not forget to wash your car with a quality shampoo and lubricate it afterward.

Keep your interior moisture and water free

Immediately dry the accidental inflow of water or moisture in your car. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the liquid. Always, keep a couple of these in your car, in case of an emergency.

The water can also seep onto the floor, it is therefore highly advised that you use fabric mats, instead of plastic mats. The fabric will absorb the water faster.

Eliminate the bad odors

Due to the rain water making it into your car, it is likely that the cabin will start to smell foul. This bad odor can be eliminated with an air freshener or fragrance oil.

Pay attention to the tires

Roads become extra slippery especially when it has rained after a long time. So, be extra careful while on the road. Always make sure, your tyre air pressure is at the right level and the threads are of the proper depth to enjoy a drive with comfort on slippery and muddy roads.

These were some of the quick safety tips for you. If you would like to share tips of your own, please feel free to do so here. They will keep your fellow motorists safe during this rainy season. 

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