6 Ways to Protect Your Car in Rainy Season

Rainwater supposedly is not a good exposure for a car, however, one cannot really control such natural phenomenon. Also for some people, not using a car in rainy, is not really an option. There are tons of reasons why you will have to go out no matter how bad the weather is; could be going to your office, taking your kids to school or other important matters. We have compiled a list of ways how you can protect your car on rainy days, especially monsoon.

Don’t let your car stay wet for a long time

It could prove harmful to the paint of your car. Always try to wash the car after driving it in rain and dry it off. Also, if you are aware of the weather, apply wax polish, whose protector layer will not allow the rainwater to touch the paint and thus protect it.

Keep the openings watertight.

Always make sure, water doesn’t come inside your car through any leaks or torn off rubber linings. Check and repair them before the monsoon season arrives as you will have to deal with rain almost daily. Those metal parts of the car body, which are vulnerable to catch rust, spray them with anti-corrosion products to keep them safe. To be extra careful you can lubricate the door hinges to keep the moist out.

Wash your car more often

Never think, your car has been washed by rain and now there is no need to wash it again. To tell the truth, a car is more likely to collect grime and dirt in muddy and wet roads. Its a need a wash now more than ever. Prolong exposure to mud can damage the paint of your car and there is a probability of catching rust too. However, never forget to wash your car with a quality shampoo and lubricate it afterward.

Keep your interior from moisture and water

Immediately deal with the accidental inflow of water or moisture into your car. Using a fabric mat instead of plastic ones can help by soaking the liquid. Always keep extra mats for an emergency. Who knows, when you might need a replacement.

Deal with the bad odors

There is a chance, that the interior gets a bad odor because of exposure to moisture or water. A bottle of essential oil an air freshener might come in handy in such situations.

Pay attention to the tires

In rainy days you must face the situation of having to drive on muddy and slippery roads, you need to be extra careful. Always make sure, air pressure is at the right level and the threads are of the proper depth to enjoy a drive with comfort on slippery and muddy roads.