6 Expert Tips for Checking a Car for Body Damage

6 Expert Tips for Checking a Car for Body Damage

Buying an accidented car has never been a problem. The problem is when you buy one without knowing its accidented. If you want to buy an accidented car then you should pay its fair market price. Instead, what happens is that buyers are scammed into buying accidented cars without knowing it. And this is why, you should do your due diligence before buying a used car as no one wants to buy a lemon. To prevent yourself from getting scammed, here are some expert tips on how to check a car for body damage.  

The following tips are good for spotting bodily damage

  1. Are there cracks on the fender and bumper – You should examine the car from end to end. Pay special attention to any cracks. Fenders and bumpers typically get damaged easily due to their material and location. While damage to the fender and bumper may indicate further car accident damage, it is commonplace to have your fenders and bumpers scratched and even damaged in Pakistan. It may not mean that the car has incurred other serious damage as well. 

Pro Tip →To check for dents and cracks, run the palm of your hand along the body panels and corners of the fender and bumper. If there’s a problem with the car, you’ll feel unevenness or bumps on the body. This is largely due to post-accident body work. 

  1. Pay attention to the body lines – For better examination of the car’s body, kneel down so you’re eye level with the car’s body. Now look at the car’s main line running down the sides of the car. This line should be straight and the car’s paint should reflect normally. If the line isn’t straight or the paint reflection is distorted, it could mean that the car’s body panels have been replaced or the car has had mechanical work done on it. However, it may not mean that the car has been involved in a serious accident. 
  1. Look for gaps – Pay special attention to the gap between the doors of the car and their adjoining body panels. This gap should be even from top to bottom. An accidented car will have uneven gaps due to body work or replacement of parts, including doors. Now, do the same with bonnet and trunk or dickey.
  1. Is the car repainted – Look closely for uneven paint areas and scratches. You are likely to find them on or near the edges of the doors and body panels. Also, look for sanded areas. Fresh paint’s texture would be different from the original paint. If the car is repainted, it could mean that it’s accidented. 

You can also use a car paint tester to check whether the car has been repainted.

  1. Inspect the underbody – Though not many will be able to do it and this is what the last point is for, take a torch and get under the car to inspect its undercarriage for damage. Under the torch light, look for rust, bent chassis and excessive salt buildup. If you can, run your hands through the underside of the car for any dents and rust. 
  1. Have a mechanic take a look at the car – You may not be able to do all of the above by yourself and may require assistance. It is advised that you hire the services of a mechanic especially if you can’t inspect brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust and other important systems of the car yourself. 

However, always remember that not everything can be seen and spotted with a naked eye. The car may have had electrical, engine or hidden damages. So, for a complete X-ray of a car, you should consider availing OLX Car Inspection Service where both body (exterior and interior) and engine diagnostic tests are performed using state of the art machinery. If you would like to know what OLX Car Inspection Report looks like, check out a sample. You’ll find a complete assessment of the car’s condition.  

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