Height Restrictions Waived For Construction Of Buildings In Islamabad

Islamabad blue area

Last month, the government directed the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) to devise a plan, allowing the construction of high-rise buildings in the nation’s capital city. There is no longer a compulsion to receive any NOC from either CDA or CAA in the construction of buildings in Islamabad. The ban on height restrictions has been lifted on the notion that cities must be constructed vertically so that more and more people can be accommodated in smaller areas. It will most certainly also improve the skyline of the capital city and will give it a look and feel of a true metropolitan area like

This initiative was also taken in order to limit the rapid expansion of cities in Pakistan and Islamabad in particular due to the increasing population. This was also done to preserve nature by protecting green areas like parks. Sometimes green spaces are allocated for housing and accommodation. The lifting of the height ban can also mean that Islamabad will receive a lot of investment, especially in the real estate sector. The property sector can receive a significant amount of boost in Islamabad.

The government has also taken an initiative to turn slums into affordable apartments in Islamabad. This will uplift the lower section of our society and will provide them with basic amenities to make their lives better and easier. With the building of apartments and high-rise buildings in Islamabad, sectors of the economy like cement and construction will also be boosted. Previously, CDA allowed the construction of skyscrapers in the Blue Area in Islamabad.

The capital city of a country needs to be an icon as it is a representation of the country to foreign delegates and helps in securing a good impression. Although Islamabad is a planned city, unlike Lahore and many other cities of Pakistan, the population outburst, especially in lower sections of the society, has led to the horizontal expansion of the capital city. This means the government will need to build more roads and will have to provide security to a larger area. All of this is very expensive and can be easily dealt with by virtue of building high-rise buildings with cheap accommodations.

Real estate developers will also see a boom in their business as they will get contracts from not only within Pakistan but also from abroad. Premium shopping malls and hotels can now be easily constructed and this will surely increase foreign direct investment which Pakistan dearly needs now. As the height restriction is waived off, we see a score of opportunities lined up for every sector of the economy and increased employment for the masses.

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