From Dreams to Reality: Calculating the Construction Costs of a 3 Marla House in Pakistan 2023

From Dreams to Reality: Calculating the Construction Costs of a 3 Marla House in Pakistan 2023

Finally! Your dream of building your very own 3-marla house in Pakistan is going to become a reality soon. When constructing a home from scratch, you have the liberty to customize anything you want. But there is one thing you need to keep an eye-on: the cost. It is important to know the construction cost of a 3-marla house in Pakistan before you make your decision. We will discuss the nitty-gritty of construction costs here.

Covered Area

The constructed area of the house is called a covered area. If you are building a double-story house, the area covered on the ground floor as well as the first floor will be combined (added) to get the total. 


1 marla is equal to around 272.251 square feet (sq. ft.). The total ground area of a 3-marla house is around 816.75 sq. ft. For a double-storey house, you can double it which becomes 1633.5 sq. ft. However, various housing societies have different laws in which you have to leave specific areas open (uncovered). So, we have chosen 1215 sq. ft. as the total covered area for a double story 3-marla house. 


Here, we will show you the estimated costs (rounded off) that can vary depending on various factors like inflation, material quality, brand, covered area, and many more. The covered area (exact) of your house will depend on various factors like spaces you want to leave, housing society laws, design, garage size, etc.

1 – Building the Framework (Foundation & Structure)

Total Cost: Rs.3,207,000

Foundation & structure is the first section in our blog on the 3-marla house construction cost. You need to understand the cost of the foundation and structure that include floors, walls, roofing, and plastering. Here are the costs of different items in this section.


a) Building Materials (Bricks, Cement, Sand, & Crush)

Total Cost: Rs.1,720,000

The cost you have to bear in terms of bricks, sand, and crush are among the basic ones in the gray structure. Let’s see them here.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Bricks + Rorhi30/Unit56,2621,690,000

b) Protecting the Structure (Roof Insulation, Termite & Waterproofing)

Total Cost: Rs.37,000

Roof insulation, termite, and waterproofing costs are among the major ones you should consider. This step is quite important in building a house as a minor mistake can reduce the life of your house and even damage the finishing after complete construction.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Roof Insulation249/Sft.14636000
Termite Proofing1700/Liter59000
Water Proofing114/Sft.14617000

c) Strengthening the Core (Excavation & Steel Reinforcement)

Total Cost: Rs.630,000

Here are the costs of excavation & steel reinforcement.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Excavation & Backfill + Ghassu30/Cft.3696110,000
Steel Reinforcement280000/Tonne3840,000

d) Labor Cost for Building the Framework (Foundation & Structure)

Total Cost: Rs.490,000

In the end, we have the total labor cost for this section.

2 – Plumbing Network

Total Cost: Rs.535,000

Another important thing in the construction is plumbing work. It includes underground piping and drainage systems. This section needs special care as well because if there is any leakage in the plumbing works, it can damage your house later on and you will have to spend more money to get it corrected. 


a) Water Supply System (Cold and Hot)

Total Cost: Rs.31,000

Let’s see the costs of cold and hot water supply pipes.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
25 mm o/d Pipe104/Rft.20321,000
32 mm o/d Pipe177/Rft.8114,000
40 mm o/d Pipe260/Rft.205,000
50 mm o/d Pipe390/Rft.2510,000

b) Insulation (Armaflex)

Total Cost: Rs.20,000

If we have to pick some most commonly ignored elements in the 3-marla house construction, it is surely one of them. Many people don’t use insulation on their plumbing materials. It can provide so many benefits like,

  • Lowers the risk of corrosion
  • Freeze/overheat protection
  • Reduces heat loss (geysers)
  • Lowers the injury risk

Let’s see how much this work costs.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
32 mm o/d458/Rft.4119,000
50 mm o/d608/Rft.2515,000

c) Drainage System Components (Piping)

Total Cost: Rs.64,000

Drainage system piping is yet another important element of house construction. Any minor leakage in this system can take years of house life. Let’s see its cost here.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
2″ Dia. Pipe259/Rft.8121,000
3″ Dia. Pipe350/Rft.8128,000
4″ Dia. Pipe472/Rft.12258,000

d) Gas Piping Network

Total Cost: Rs.39,000

Here is the estimated cost of gas piping for the construction of a 3-marla house.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
GI Welded Pipeline 3/4” i/d416/Rft.15263,000
Gas Cock 3/4″ i/d1335/Unit23,000

e) Fluid Dynamics (Pumps and Drains)

Total Cost: Rs.298,000

The costs of pups and drains are as follows.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Booster Pump 0.75 HP150800/Unit1151,000
Submersible Water Transfer Pump 1 HP140400/Unit1140,000
Floor Drains1711/Unit712,000

f) AC Drainage

Total Cost: Rs.9,000

The AC drainage system is much more important than you think. Installing it in this phase can save much time and money after the house is built. Let’s see its cost here.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
1″ dia Class “E”112/Rft.13715,000

g) Sewerage Solutions (UPVC Pipeline)

Total Cost: Rs.21,000

UPVC pipeline for sewerage system cost is as follows.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
6″ dia Class “B”722/Rft.5137,000

h) Total Labor Cost for Plumbing Works

Total Cost: Rs.53,000

The total labor cost for this section is as mentioned above.

3 – Electrical Infrastructure

Total Cost: Rs.758,000

Electrical works have huge significance when we talk about constructing a house as it is among the major costs of building a 3-marla house in Pakistan. It includes underground wiring and other electrical items. Here are all the costs of electrical items needed in a house.


a) Control and Concealment (Switches and Back Boxes)

Total Cost: Rs.190,000

Switches are among the important elements that can impact the home interior. There are numerous designs available that you can choose from. Also, TV, telephone, and many other sockets need to be installed which will save you time and money later on. Here are the cost details.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Power Sockets1451/Socket1217,000
Fan Dimmer1209/Dimmer810,000
Universal Switch Socket610/Socket2415,000
Telephone Sockets (RJ-11)573/Socket21,000
Distribution Board110741/Unit1111,000
TV Sockets486/Socket52,000
Switch Boards1330/Board2432,000

b) Wiring Pathways (Conduits & Accessories)

Total Cost: Rs.33,000

Check out the cost of conduits & accessories here.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
3/4” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories30/Rft.101330,000
1” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories31/Rft.3049,000
1.5” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories41/Rft.351,000
2” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories50/Rft.412,000
PVC Ceiling Fan Hook547/Unit127,000

c) Power Transmission (Wires & Cables)

Total Cost: Rs.263,000

Wiring is a crucial element of electrical work when constructing a house. Any kind of negligence is prohibited in this step. There have been many cases of house fires due to short circuits (initiated due to poor-quality wiring). So, don’t compromise here at any cost.  

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
1.5mm Sq. (3/.029) PVC insulated Cu.conductor wire (Light point wiring)4944/Coil1049,000
2.5mm Sq. (7/.029)PVC insulated Cu. conductor wire “Circuit wiring (Normal & UPS) & sockets Split AC7931/Coil1079,000
4mm Sq. PVC insulated Cu. Conductor wire (Power Sockets wiring) Split AC12360/Coil562,000
Four core 16 mm Sq. PVC insulated Cu. conductor cable (From DB-GF to wapda Energy Meter)1494/Rft.70105,000
Cat 5 for Telephone Cable376/Rft.5119,000
TV Coaxial Cable for TV cable357/Rft.15254,000

d) Ambiance & Air Circulation (Lights, Chandeliers, and Fans)

Total Cost: Rs.216,000

Lighting is among the main elements of an interior’s visual aesthetics. You will have to use elegant lights in different areas, if you want to make your home interior eye-catching. Fans are also a crucial element of visual aesthetics. So, here are the costs of fans and lights for different areas.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Boundary Wall lights1692/Light23,000
Porch Lights1692/Light47,000
Bedroom Lights1330/Light1216,000
Bathroom Lights1330/Light811,000
Open Area Lights1330/Light1013,000
Kitchen Lights3385/Light827,000
Stair Case Lights1360/Light68,000
Drawing Room Lights3928/Light416,000
Living Area Lights3928/Light831,000
Ceiling Fans7858/Fan863,000
Exhaust Fans4375/Fan626,000

e) Total Labor Cost of Electrical Infrastructure

Total Cost: Rs.56,000

The above-mentioned is the total labor cost for this section.

4 – Interior Elegance (Wood, Metal and Tile Works)

Total Cost: Rs.2,267,000

Now, we are going to show you the cost of the main interior elements. Paint, wood, metal, and tile works are included in this section.

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a) Aesthetic Heights (Paint and Ceiling Work)

Total Cost: Rs.348,000

If we talk about the two crucial factors that make up most of a house’s interior, they will be paint and ceiling work. False ceilings are available in different designs. So, its cost can vary as per the design. The same is the case with paint which is available in multiple qualities and brands. Many architect and interior design services are available on OLX to help you design an aesthetically pleasing interior of your house. Here are their costs.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
False Ceiling147/Sft.60889,000

b) Floor Sophistication (Tile Work)

Total Cost: Rs.601,000

Flooring also has huge significance in the home. There are multiple types of flooring like tiles, marble, wooden, epoxy, etc. We have selected tile flooring for this example.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Floor Tiles270/Sft.2140578,000
Floor Skirting271/Sft.748203,000
Ceramic Tiles on Walls & Dado289/Sft.760220,000

c) Welcoming Portals (Wooden Doors)

Total Cost: Rs.500,000

Wooden doors add warmth, sophistication, and security to a house. With their customizable options and ability to complement various architectural styles, they create a welcoming entrance that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of any home. Let’s see their cost.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Main Entrance Door101701/Door1102,000
Room Doors38420/Door4154,000
Washroom and Other Doors27120/Door6163,000
Roof and Terrace Doors27120/Door381,000

d) Panes of Serenity (Windows)

Total Cost: Rs.176,000

We all know that windows enhance natural light and airflow in the house. Placing the windows strategically can create a bright and airy atmosphere while promoting proper ventilation. Windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a healthier and more comfortable living environment. So, it is important to keep a budget for them which is approximately as follows.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Aluminum Room Windows20340/Window6122,000
Aluminum Bathroom Windows13560/Window454,000

e) Metal Craftsmanship

Total Cost: Rs.194,000

Here are the costs of some metal works in the house.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Staircase and Terrace Railing1605/Rft.6096,000
Main Gate135602/Unit1136,000

f) Storage Solutions (Wardrobes & Cabinets)

Total Cost: Rs.448,000

Wardrobes and cabinets are essential for efficient storage in your 3-marla house to optimize space and keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. Here are the expenses for the wardrobes and cabinets.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Kitchen Cabinets107351/Unit2215,000

5 – Functional Beauty (Fittings & Fixtures)

Total Cost: Rs.480,000

Finally, we have fittings and fixtures that include kitchen and bath accessories. Let’s have a look at the expenses you will have to bear.


a) Kitchen Fittings

Total Cost: Rs.61,000

The kitchen is the heart of every house. The sink, mixer, and gully trap chamber are essential components that optimize functionality and convenience in your kitchen. Here are their costs.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Kitchen Sink15820/Sink232,000
Sink Mixer11300/Mixer223,000
Gully Trap Chamber3249/Unit26,000

b) Bathroom Installations

Total Cost: Rs.380,000

A water closet, vanity basin, shower set, and many more are some essential fittings for a comfortable and stylish bathroom in the 3-marla house. Let’s see how much these fittings will cost you.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)
Water Closet21696/Unit487,000
Vanity Basin12996/Basin452,000
Basin Mixer11300/Mixer445,000
Muslim Shower2825/Unit411,000
Shower Set36160/Unit4145,000
Toilet Paper Holder1356/Unit45,000
Beveled Edge Mirror7040/Mirror428,000
Soap Dish1083/Dish66,000

c) Geyser & Manhole

Total Cost: Rs.37,000

Here are the costs of the geyser and manhole.

ItemRate (Rs.)QuantityCost (Rs.)

Total Cost of Building a 3-marla House in Pakistan

We have the list of all major costs to construct a 3-marla house. The total cost (by summing all the mentioned costs) is around 70 Lac Rupees. However, you can keep in mind a range of 6.5M to 7.5M rupees as there are numerous factors that can increase or decrease the cost of construction such as quality of materials, brand of items, economic situation, etc. 

As Pakistan is struggling economically, the prices may go up at any time affecting the overall cost of construction. So, it is always important to consult a professional and reputational contractor or construction service provider to get a fair idea of the latest house construction costs in Pakistan.

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Hopefully, you have found this blog helpful. Stay tuned for more informative blogs like this. 

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