Samsung S series vs A series: A 4-Point Comparison

Samsung S series vs A series: A 4-Point Comparison

Among Android phones, Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone sellers in Pakistan. Keeping in view the buying power and preferences of their customers, Samsung has introduced a number of series like Samsung Galaxy A, S and Z series. However, Samsung S series vs A series is a popular question among many Samsung lovers.

While Galaxy S Series phones are known to be high-end pricy phones, Galaxy A Series phones are mid-range with Galaxy X series consisting of foldable phones. 

This blog will focus on Samsung Galaxy A and S Series phones to figure out whether paying extra for S Series phones over A Series is worth it. This difference is important because there is a price difference of at least Rs.228,000 when you compare the most advanced S Series phone – S22 Ultra with the top of the line A Series phone – Galaxy A53 5G. 

So, let’s dig in. 

Samsung Galaxy S Series

As mentioned above, this is Samsung’s high-end smartphone series, which gets an update every year. Currently, the S22 is the latest model. In addition to the base model, the company also launches “Plus” and “Ultra” models, with the latter being the most high-end device. 

Samsung A Series


If you are looking for beginners level and mid-range Samsung smartphones, you should look into what this series has to offer. When buying an A Series phone, the rule of thumb is to look at the number affixed after “A”. The higher the number, the better the phone. 

If you are looking for a mid-range A series phone then look at models above A40. Models with numbers lower than 40 are base level models. Like the S Series, Samsung adds to this series every year. 

Now that you know the basic differences between the two, let’s take a look at their differences in specifications and features. 

Samsung S Series Vs A Series

Let’s do a quick comparison of the two in terms of their design, speed, camera and battery features. 

A SeriesS Series
Design Plastic back
Plastic frame
Bezels thicker than S Series phones 
Glass back
Metal frame
Heavier to carry
Thin bezels
Speed Good for basic use
Ideal for net and social surfing
Smooth switching between apps including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Ideal for most demanding apps and tasks
Powerful processor good for 3D games and/or Photoshop
Large RAM helps in effortless switching between apps. 
CameraLess sharp
No telephoto lens
Low light photography and video recording isn’t good
Day time photography and video recording is good
May not come with optical image stabilization, leading to blurry photos
Razor sharp cameras
Colorful and sharp photos during day and low light conditions
Record videos in 8K 
Telephoto lenses let you zoom in up to 3 times;10 times zoom in feature available in the Ultra models
BatteryLarge battery which lasts longer (more than one day with average use)
Slow charging
No wireless charging
Charging with 15W charger takes 100 minutes to fully charge; at 25W takes an hour
Fast charging
Wireless charging
Battery lasts a day
Charger has to be ordered separately
Fast charging at 25W takes an hour to charge the battery; at 15W – 2 hours
ConclusionStandard design
Ideal for regular use
Large battery
No wireless charging
Less sharp photos and videos
Fast charging may be available (depending upon model)
Beautifully designed
Fast and wireless charging
Average battery
Exceptional cameras
Suitable for the most challenging tasks


Hopefully, by now you’d have figured out that the A Series is for those who are looking for a phone but not for intensive use, taking sharp pictures and fast charging is not important. However, if you need a phone to perform challenging tasks like running a business, taking sharp and colorful photographs both during the day and night are important to you and you don’t have time to wait for your phone to get charged, look for an S Series phone. 

Whether you’re interested in the Samsung A Series or the S Series, we have them both on OLX Pakistan. So, do check out our vast android smartphone inventory. 

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