iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 15: Wait or Buy Now?

iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 15: Wait or Buy Now?

Planning to buy an iPhone but confused between getting the iPhone 14 or waiting for the iPhone 15 to come? We’ve all been there, torn between the temptation of the latest model and the uncertainty of what’s to come. So, the decision to buy or wait can be quite complicated especially, if you don’t have enough information. Don’t worry! We are here to make this decision easier for you. 

Here is a comparison on iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15 expected specs and features, so, you’ll have a clearer picture of which device suits you best.

So, let’s start!

iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 15: Key Differences & Expected Features

Here are the expected features of iPhone 15 that will be better than the iPhone 14.

Apple A17: New Chip On the Way

As the name suggests, there are rumors of Apple bringing new chips for the iPhone 15 (pro models only). It is backed by history as Apple historically brought new processing chips for the pro models. As per different rumors, the chip will be based on the TSMC 3nm process which is going to be more energy efficient. iPhone 15 & 15 Plus are expected to come with Apple A16 chips though which are being used in the current pro models. 

More Storage & RAM?

Well! It is yet another interesting speculation about the iPhone 15 pro models that they will come with 8GB RAM. iPhone 14 models had 6GB of RAM so we can expect around 33% more RAM now. There are also some rumors about the iPhone 15 getting storage of up to 2TB. Let’s see if these options will come for the pro variants only or the entire lineup.

Next-Gen Ultra Wideband Chip Expected

There is speculation about the next-generation Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip to be introduced in the iPhone 15. It is expected to be based on a 7nm process which is a significant upgrade from the 16nm process in the previous one. 

UWB, or Ultra-Wideband, is a wireless communication technology that enables fast data transfer and precise localization over a wide frequency range. This standard is used by devices like the Apple AirTag. It may also be used for future communication with Vision Pro.

Design Modifications

Well! Design is among the most talked about elements of an iPhone. It is because no major upgrade is done in the design of the Apple phones for years. However, the iPhone 15 family can come with some notable changes. Here are the expected changes.

  • Frosted Glass for all models
  • The base models are expected to have a 6.2-inch display compared to the 6.1-inch of their predecessors
  • Curvy rear side (as Apple introduced in the MacBook)

Welcome USB-C Port

Well! It is not confirmed yet but some sources are suggesting that Apple will launch an iPhone with a USB Type-C port. It is because USB Type-C will be mandatory for devices sold in the EU from December 28, 2024. It is unclear at the moment if Apple will launch iPhones with Type-C ports only in Europe or all over the globe. If it’s true, iPhone users will also enjoy fast transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps compared to 480 Mbps of the current port. 

Possibility of A New customizable Action Button

We all know that the iPhones come with an action button which can only act as a mute switch. However, there is a high possibility that the company will launch customizable action buttons in the iPhone 15 models. 

Dynamic Island for All

Introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro models, the dynamic Island was the first of its kind to replace the dominance of notch display in the iPhones. Due to its immense popularity, the company may offer this pill-shaped hole for the entire iPhone 15 family (including the base models).

A New Model Name

As per some rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro Max may get a new name: iPhone 15 Ultra. It is to sync the Ultra branding on the Apple Watch Ultra with mobile phones. As a result, the company may even give it a higher price tag as it will not be considered the direct successor of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, there are fewer chances of this happening because the company would not take the risk of changing the branding of an already successful product.

Anticipated Camera Improvements

iPhone is the 2nd name of mobile phone photography/videography. Last year, the iPhones Pro models got a major upgrade in the camera department in which the company introduced 48 MP cameras for the first time. As per different sources, the company is again improving the camera department for the iPhone 15 family. 

The camera setup will almost be the same in all models. However, the pro models will get a major upgrade as they are going to get the latest and the greatest Sony Image Sensor (rumored). 

It is also rumored that the iPhone 15’s top model will come with a periscopic camera and have a 5x or 10x optical zoom (moon shots on the iPhone too).

Why Wait for the iPhone 15?

If you’re seeking an iPhone upgrade that offers remarkable performance and camera enhancements, a potential introduction of a Type-C port, a fresh design, and the rumored addition of a customizable action button, then waiting for the iPhone’s next release is the way to go.

Why Buy iPhone 14 Now?

Of course, there are valid reasons to consider buying the iPhone 14 now:

  • Urgent need: If you find yourself in urgent need of a new phone, waiting for the iPhone 15 might not be feasible.
  • Compatibility concerns: If you already own multiple devices with old iPhone lightning ports and cannot afford to replace them all, the potential shift to a Type-C port might be inconvenient for you.
  • Satisfied with current capabilities: If you’re content with the performance and features of the iPhone 14, you might not require the additional upgrades offered by the iPhone 15.

Now you know the possible differences between the iPhone 15 Vs iPhone 14, would you wait or buy the iPhone 14 now? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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