How promising is the M2 chip?

How promising is the M2 chip?

The wait is finally over! MacBook Air M2 is now available in the market. The M2 chip in the new version promises a better and smoother functioning. It provides new exciting features which the previous model did not offer. Air M2 comes with exciting features making you an admirer instantly.


Given its exhilarating characteristics, the M1 chip was one of the finest inventions of MacBook at the time. However, MacBook Air M2 has been making rounds ever since news came out about its improved modern features. 

MacBook Air M2 Launch and Price in Pakistan

The MacBook Air was launched earlier this week in the US. For its release in Pakistan, we will update you soon. The MacBook Air M1 costs $999, whereas the one with the M2 chip costs $1199 which roughly converts to 266,000 PKR. After application of the taxes and duties, the rate goes much higher. The price difference among Air M1 and M2 may discourage some interested customers, but once they are familiar with the features and the competence of the M2 version, they will know it is a safe investment.


With a notch at the top, the Air M2 is a lightweight laptop with an exceptionally thin body. Compared to the previous version, MacBook Air M2 is 20% smaller making it more compact than ever. Weighing only 1.2 kgs, it is almost the size of an Ipad, hence even easier to carry around. 


In terms of sRGB color gamut, Air M1(114.3%) has an advantage over Air M2 (107%) but the overall display of M2 has an upper hand. The M2 version provides a higher number of pixels (2560 x 1664), making the display brighter with 489 nits of brightness. The larger screen, with a display of 13.6 inches, makes the visuals more enticing and captivating to watch. 


The Air M2 provides a variety of elegant colors in Midnight, Starlight, Space Gray and Silver, making its aluminum framework look more magnificent. 


MacBook Air M2 has us impressed with the 17% increase in its multi-core efficiency compared to the M1 version. Although, M2 provides a powerful GPU of 10-core, it is not much efficient for graphic gaming. It gives us a camera with 1080p and speakers with higher clarity. Additional 24 GB RAM and an active cooling process are the features the previous version M1 was lacking. After multiple testing, it has been proved that the M2 chip guarantees a faster and an overall better performance than the M1 version.


Having a more efficient built-in processor, the battery life is comparatively slightly shorter than Air M1, but still better than most with an average of 14 hours and 6 minutes. Another thrilling feature of the M2 chip is the MagSafe charging feature. The magnetic cable allows itself to connect to the charging port effortlessly, saving one from unnecessary trouble. 

In many ways, MacBook Air M2 is advantageous over the older M1 version in terms of specs and efficiency. However, this dominance in no way lessens the competence of the M1 chip. Although the price is a bit high, if you are willing to switch, MacBook Air M2 is an excellent option.

Since MacBook Air 2 is not available in Pakistan yet, you can shop for other versions of MacBook online at OLX Pakistan’s website.

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