Google Pixel 8 Pro: All You Need To Know Based on Rumors

Google Pixel 8 Pro: All You Need To Know Based on Rumors

Google is launching its flagship phones on October 4, 2023. We will cover them in detail here once all the details about the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are officially announced. Once launched, the top-of-the-line flagship, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, is expected to pose tough competition to the likes of the Samsung S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The new smartphone is expected to come with updated design, camera features, and software.

In this blog, we will speculate about what can be expected from the Google Pixel 8 Pro in terms of its design, cameras, performance, battery, software, and more. Oh, and we’ll also predict its price. So, don’t forget to read until the end.


The upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro is expected to introduce some noticeable design changes. Leaked renders indicate that the phone will maintain a 6.7-inch screen size, similar to the Pixel 7 Pro. However, it will feature a flat display instead of a curved one, which will give the phone a different look and feel.

Display Improvements

While the display might have a slightly lower resolution than the Pixel 7 Pro’s QHD display, it will still offer more pixels than the standard Pixel 8. Additionally, the Pixel 8 Pro’s screen is expected to be brighter, with a rating of 1,600 nits, up from the Pixel 7 Pro’s 1,400 nits.

Camera Design

Google’s signature rear camera bar will likely be retained. However, a notable change is that there will be one single glass section covering all three cameras, rather than two separate sections.

Color Options

Leaked wallpapers and an image leak from Google itself suggest that the Pixel 8 Pro will be available in black, white, and blue color options. 

eSIM Consideration

There is a possibility that the Pixel 8 Pro could be an eSIM-only phone, similar to the U.S. version of Apple’s iPhone 14 series from the previous year. This means users might need to switch to eSIM if they still use physical SIM cards.


Google is known for its strong camera performance, and the Pixel 8 Pro seems to be upping its game. The device is expected to feature an updated 50MP main camera, designed to capture more light and even record 8K video. In addition, a 64MP ultrawide camera, similar to the one in the Pixel 7a, is also anticipated.

Staggered HDR

A noteworthy enhancement for the Pixel 8 series is the potential adoption of staggered HDR for photos. This feature could significantly improve photo quality, especially when capturing images in challenging lighting conditions.

Video Unblur Feature

Google might introduce a Video Unblur feature for the Pixel 8 series, building on the success of the Photo Unblur feature introduced in the Pixel 7 series. The code for this feature has already been discovered in Google Photos, suggesting that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro could be the first phones to showcase it.

Temperature Sensor

One of the most intriguing rumors is the addition of a temperature sensor to the rear camera array of the Pixel 8 Pro. However, this is not a color temperature sensor but a sensor that can reportedly measure the temperature of objects. If this feature turns out to be genuine, it would certainly set the Pixel 8 Pro apart from other smartphones.


In line with recent Pixel generations, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is expected to be powered by Google’s own chip, the Tensor G3. However, it’s worth noting that this chip is believed to be based on Samsung’s Exynos 2300 platform. While this indicates Google’s commitment to developing its processors, it may result in the Pixel 8 Pro lagging behind in terms of raw processing power compared to rival smartphones.

Storage Consideration

The Pixel 8 Pro is rumored to come with 128GB of default storage. This allocation might seem a bit limited, especially if you compare it to the expected starting storage of 256GB in the next iPhone and Samsung Galaxy flagship models. However, it’s essential to consider that the Pixel 8 Pro is likely to be priced more competitively. Buyers may be willing to compromise on storage space or opt for a storage upgrade if they find the overall package appealing.


The Google Pixel 8 Pro might come with a slightly smaller battery – 4,950 mAh – compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro. This is a disappointing development, especially considering the Pixel family’s history of weaker battery life. However, there is hope that Google has implemented optimizations to make the Pixel 8 Pro more power-efficient overall.

Charging Speed

Regarding charging capabilities, it appears that the Pixel 8 Pro will offer the same wireless charging speed as the Pixel 7 Pro. There’s no indication yet if any changes are planned for the 30W wired charging. However, it’s worth noting that some consumers might have hoped for faster wired charging to match competitors like Samsung’s 45W charging standard for the Galaxy S23 Ultra or OnePlus’ impressive 80W standard on the OnePlus 11.


The Google Pixel 8 Pro will come with Android 14, the latest Android version, and will likely maintain its tradition of being among the first to receive major Android updates. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro Launch Date and Price in Pakistan

The phone is expected to start at $900, which was also the launch price of its predecessor, the Google Pixel 7 Pro. As mentioned earlier, the phone is expected to be announced on October 4 and may be launched and made available for sale in the market the week after.

If you currently own a Google Pixel 7 Pro, do you believe it’s worth upgrading to the Google Pixel 8 Pro based on what you know about it? Why or why not?

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