Ai Pin – The Game Changer?

Ai Pin - The Game Changer?

Guess what’s creating waves even in 2024? TIME Magazine called it one of the best inventions of 2023 – the Ai Pin. Some even claim it’s the next big thing post-smartphones. But what’s the fuss all about? We are talking about the Ai Pin, a wearable AI-powered device loaded with amazing abilities like info projection on hands, AI conversations, object identification, real-time language translation, calls, messages, photos, videos, and more. Stick with us for the lowdown on Ai Pin price in Pakistan, features, and its bag of tricks.

First things first!

What is Ai Pin?

After all the tech hype, you are probably itching to uncover the mystery of Ai Pin. Simply put, it’s a slick wearable from Humane, juiced up by OpenAI for real-time voice conversations with its AI. Clip it onto your shirts, jackets, or whatever floats your fashion boat – it’s ready to chat, listen, and engage in voice conversations.


The Ai Pin has also got a laser projector to project information on your hand. Due to its powerful AI integration, it can do many things you may have seen in the ChatGPT-4. We will describe its functionality & features later in this blog. 

And here’s the cool part – Ai Pin comes armed with a laser projector, beaming information right onto your hand. Thanks to its robust AI integration, it can pull off tricks you’d expect from ChatGPT-4. Brace yourself; we’re about to break down its features and functionality later in this blog.

Fact: Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, the masterminds at Humane (the brains behind Ai Pin), boast a wealth of experience from their time at Apple. Imran led the design team, and Bethany took the helm of the software engineering department. Now that you know the creative forces behind this gadget, let’s get into the specifics of its design and functionality.

Ai Pin Design & Functionality

In terms of design, Ai Pin rocks a compact square shape with rounded corners. The front side is home to a camera, notification LED, projector, and a bunch of other cool elements. Notably, this section is subtly tilted on the front, making it a breeze for users to effortlessly project information onto their hands.


Attachment-wise, Ai Pin can be clipped onto your shirt, jacket, or any wearable using a handy clip. The outer part securely latches onto the clip magnetically, ensuring a hassle-free and stylish design. Moreover, it can directly adhere to a battery booster magnetically, skipping the need for a clip. 

Under the hood, the gadget features a smaller internal battery, fueled by a larger external battery booster. The battery booster is interchangeable, allowing you to swap it with a spare for extended power backup. This innovative design ensures exceptional battery life, provided you keep those battery boosters (and spare ones) charged.


What You Can Do With the Ai Pin?

Well! You can do many things you do with your smartphones, smartwatches, and smart glasses but in an easier way. The highlighting features of the Ai Pin are its laser projector that projects text and elements. It also has gesture controls that allow the user to control different functions with their hand gestures like clock, music player, and much more. This gadget can make calls, send text messages, send and read emails, and you can do all of it with voice commands.


Ai Pin simplifies your digital life, doing most of the things your smartphones, smartwatches, and smart glasses do but in a more user-friendly and unique way. Its star features include a laser projector for text and elements, plus gesture controls for functions like clock and music control – all at your fingertips (hand controlled), literally. It’s your go-to for calls, texts, emails, and it understands voice commands like a pro making everything easier for you.

AI in the Ai Pin

Coming to its Ai Pin’s AI, it’s a true detective. It identifies objects (via camera) and spills the details via speaker or projects them onto your hands. Ever wondered about the nutritional facts of what you’re eating? Ai Pin’s got you covered, especially with fruits or veggies. And here’s the cool part – tell it what you’ve eaten, and later ask about the calories, protein, carbs, or fats consumed. How amazing is that? It’s all made possible through its camera, which, by the way, can also snap photos and record videos.


Ask anything! Ai Pin taps into its AI knowledge or web searches to answer your questions. Manage emails, texts, and get suggested responses, all with the magic of AI.


Ai Pin nails real-time translation in 50+ languages. Take notes, remember them later. It spills details about what’s nearby. Shopping? Ai Pin searches, compares prices, and can even place orders for you. All in a pocket-sized powerhouse.


Highlighting Features

  • Engagement: Voice, Touch, Gestures, and laser display
  • Connectivity: Humane network (currently connected by T-Mobile) 
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Camera: Ultrawide RGB Camera with 
  • Sensors: Depth & Motion
  • Speaker: Personic Speakers
  • Privacy: AI Privacy Chip
  • Apps: No Apps (functions are done through AI)

The Other Side

Let’s talk about the other side of AI Pin. It’s creating a buzz, but not everyone’s jumping on the hype train. There are some concerns floating around which need to be addressed.

Despite its flashy debut at Paris Fashion Week, questions arise about the AI Pin’s practicality. It’s got this cool high-tech brooch vibe, but the big question is, is it really user-friendly? You can wear it with many outfits, but if you’re picky about color coordination, your choices might be a bit restricted. Also, it may not be suitable for every type of outfit.

Now, talking to your chest in public? The device comes with a “Personic Speaker,” but does that really make it less awkward?


You can call your friends with it (just like smartwatches) and it also has a camera (just like smart glasses). So, what is its need in the first place? Also, Unlike other gadgets that can handle a bit of water, the AI Pin isn’t a fan of getting wet. Imagine having to dodge rain or accidental spills just to keep it happy.

So, amid all the excitement, concerns linger about the AI Pin’s practicality, how well it fits into society, and what unique role it plays in the wearable scene. These are aspects Humane must address to truly convince us about the AI Pin’s value.

Ai Pin Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of Ai Pin starts at $699 (~Rs.200,000) and peaks at $799 (~Rs.225,000). Don’t forget the essential $24/month (~Rs.6,500/month) subscription for its AI features, mobile network, and cloud services. The estimated delivery time is early 2024.

  • Eclipse Ai Pin (Super Matte Black on Black & High Gloss Black Booster): $699 (~Rs.200,000)
  • Lunar Ai Pin (Polished Chrome on White & High Gloss White Booster): $799 (~Rs.225,000)
  • Equinox Ai Pin (Polished Chrome on Black & Matte Black Booste)r: $799 (~Rs.225,000)

What Will You Get?

What’s in the box? Ai Pin, Charge Case, Charge Pad, USB-C Adapter & Cable, and 2 Battery Boosters – all set for an immersive tech journey!

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Ai Pin is a standout invention of 2023. Packed with special AI features – voice assistant, camera, and a laser projector – all neatly tucked into a compact wearable device, it’s an AI powerhouse. And let’s not overlook the stellar team behind it, with former Apple design and software leads steering the ship. The project has already secured funding from heavyweights like Microsoft, OpenAI, Qualcomm Ventures, and more.

While it’s in its early stages, concerns mentioned here might fade away in future models. The real test lies in how it performs in the market. Not available in Pakistan yet, but if it hits it big in the US, a launch here could be on the cards. In the meantime, smartwatches on OLX Pakistan are a worthy alternative. Let’s keep an eye on how Ai Pin unfolds!

What is your opinion about this new gadget and Ai Pin price in Pakistan? Tell us in the comment section below.

Photos Credits: & Humane twitter

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