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Microsoft Leads The Way With its First Ever Copilot+ AI PCs

Microsoft Leads The Way With its First Ever Copilot+ AI PCs

Sit tight for we bring you phenomenal news! In an event that took place on May 20th, Microsoft unveiled its biggest and most advanced PC invention till date. Microsoft has sent waves of intrigue and epiphany among the audience with their new Copilot+ AI PCs. They claim this is their fastest, most intelligent and most powerful PC yet. 

Let’s skip the pleasantries now. Allow us to take you into the details of this exciting reveal.

Microsoft Surface Laptops

The world of PCs has taken a revolutionary turn with the announcement of the new Microsoft Copilot+ AI PCs. The incorporation of AI features enable them to deliver efficient and advanced performance, unlike any other PC before.


Promising Powerful Performance

The newly introduced Copilot+ PCs which include The all-new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are built with the most powerful AI processors. They are powered by the newly launched silicon chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon: X Plus and X Elite. 


X Plus is mostly used by less powerful devices with a 10-core CPU. Whereas, the latter, X Elite, is more potent as it powers devices with a 12-core CPU. Nonetheless, both of them are gifted with exceptional capabilities as they can perform 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second).

Striking Design

Not only remarkable on the inside, but beautiful on the outside too! Both the Microsoft Surface Laptops have a sleek, slim and attractive appearance. They are light in weight and come in two sizes: 13.8 inches and 15 inches. Moreover, they share the same refresh rate of 120 Hz and have Gorilla Glass 5 Protection.


Here is a table of comparison among both variants for your convenience:

13.8”16.5 mm1.34 kg54 Wh (~20 hrs)39 W
15”18.3 mm1.66 kg66 Wh (~22 hrs)65 W

Significant Features

Apart from the most highlighted AI features, the Microsoft Surface Laptops are loaded with a number of other features as well. 

Have a look at them in the table below:

NameMicrosoft Surface Laptops
Connectivity (Wireless)Wi-Fi 7
Bluetooth 5.4 
Ports2 USB-C ports (USB 4 and DisplayPort 2.1)
USB-A 3.1 port
Surface Connect port (for the Surface Dock)
Headphone jack
MicroSD card slot

Copilot+: Your New AI Pal

The Microsoft Surface Laptops are featured with the most enthralling AI features, assisted by the newly introduced Copilot button, which will leave your jaw-dropped. Firstly, the “Recall” feature holds a genius memory of the timeline to help you keep track of the documents, websites and other important items. You can easily summon anything from your AI laptop as Recall helps you remember them.

Secondly, the built-in “Cocreator” feature aids the AI-powered image creation by efficiently bringing your thoughts and ideas to life through visuals. Moreover, the “Restyle Image app” allows you to morph an existing image into different artistic styles of your choice. Additionally, you can also use many other third-party apps like Adobe Photoshop, LiquidText and CapCut through the AI feature.

Key Highlights

Some of the most prominent features of the Microsoft Surface Laptops powered by Copilot+ are stated below:

  • All-day Battery life
  • 40+ TOPS
  • Sharper graphics
  • High capacity storage
  • AI-enhanced apps

Copilot+ PCs Launch and Price

As the launch was recent, the AI PCs are not yet available in the market. They will be available from June 18 onwards. However, their availability and price in Pakistan are yet unknown.

Have a look at the table below for the Microsoft Surface Laptop pricing:

VariantsSnapdragon X PlusSnapdragon X Elite

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The Takeaway

To conclude, the new addition of AI PCs is certainly an astonishing game-changer. The exciting AI features will unlock a new potential for Microsoft users by providing them with something they’ve never witnessed before. Also, the price of the Surface Laptops is low in comparison to what was initially expected, beginning from only $1000. Microsoft has left us all stunned with the launch of its edge-cutting technology, which claims to deliver an outstanding performance.

What do you think about the recent launch of Microsoft Copilot+ PCs? Tell us in the comments below!

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Picture credits: Microsoft

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