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Indoor Plants To Keep The Aura Fresh


A touch of green to the lifeless corners of your house might just be the upgrade you need. Whether you want to de-stress after a long day or just looking to be inspired, natural elements in your concrete walled house would help.

In an era of machines and inorganic lifestyles, reconnecting with nature is called for. Not only do indoor plants add character to the aura of your house, the health and environmental benefits are a win.

If you have what it takes to be a plant parent, it is time to adopt.Here are five indoor plants to freshen up the ambience of your house.

Disclaimer: Do your research before buying. If you are allergic to specific plants, have children and pets at home, consider buying plants which are suitable for you.


1. Jasmine

The fragrant night bloomer will leave you enchanted, planting it in a pot indoors will add freshness to the atmosphere of your house. As Jasmine beautifully blossoms and its scent lingers throughout the day. 


2. Lavender

After a tiring day, let the magical fragrance of lavender take the stress away. Popular for its therapeutic abilities and lovely purple color, the plant is a sensory treat.   


3. Money Plant

This houseplant is a vining thriver, also known as the Golden Pothos. Legend has it, this evergreen plant makes you rich and filters out the sadness from your life. What else could you ask for? 


4. Snake Plant

The hardy boy of indoor plants, known to remain crisp for long without getting thirsty.If you are always on the move and working, this is your best bet. The Snake Plant expels pollutants in the air and gives off green vibes. 


5. Weeping Fig

Your home might begin to feel like a concrete box, making you crave nature. A weeping fig can be a breath of fresh air and induce a sense of serenity.It would be an elegant addition to your lodging.Serving as a natural air purifier and removing harmful substances released by synthetic materials in the house. 

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